Friday, January 06, 2006

slow grind to a halt

Well, so much for getting back to the grind.
Guess I worried about that for nothing *frown*.

I caught TheMIG's head cold, and MyFK has had some kind of flu since Monday night, which has changed my entire week. The poor little guy has been up most nights with a fever as high as 103F, so no sleep for this exhausted mommy...and no return to school for him (which is a bummer, because Tuesday was the grand opening of his newly remodeled school...they've been in portables for 18 months...he's missing things and feels left out).

My commitment to swimming?...squashed.
Rearranging stuff to make use of the new space the departed housemate left behind?...nada.
Depositions?...rescheduled (no new date yet).
Teaching dance class last night?...nope (thanks K, for always being there).
Studio time for improv with T before she leaves the country for 9 months?...*sigh* cancelled.
T's going away party tonight?...probably not.

I did manage to get out for a 2 hour rehearsal with Dandelion Dancetheater, though. The director is working with smaller groups on Wednesday nights. He started to structure a segment with the four of us that were there, and I had a blast. I actually got picked up and passed hand-to-hand, cartwheel-style, down a line of dancers....then I blended back into the line so each of the other dancers can get passed along in some fashion. Much fun for me, as being spun upside down is most certainly not something we do in bellydancing hahaha.

Unfortunatly, we didnt end on that high note....we closed the rehearsal by revisting a duet with myself and another dancer, and it sucked. I'd forgotten everything since our last rehearsal in December, I was ridiculously clumsy, and I felt like a big dufus. Hopefully now that we're back to regular rehearsals, it will smooth out quickly.

The larger group rehearsal process begins today, which is basically all of us, for four hours every Friday.
And I'm a little nervous.
This group has been working together with this material for years, both in rehearsals and performances. I'm one of only a few new dancers to the company, and of the newbies, I have the least formal dance training. What little training I do have is mostly in bellydance or improv, not modern. I'm also still pretty new to dancing with one leg, and let's just throw in the fact that I'm sick and completely exhausted on top of that. Hard to say what today's rehearal is going to be ought to be just grand. Oh, I should also mention that working with the prosthesis has my body really confused about where it's center-line is, so my balance while standing on one leg has been a little wacky, too.

I'm used to feeling more confident and less whiny.
Now I think I'm actually looking forward to the grind.


3A Gurl said...

Hi Hi. You lucky girl - you are still dancing. Mine has been on hold for (now)more than a year due to dance-related hip injuries and now in the rehab process, getting better by the week but the light at the end of the tunnel is still faint. Totally understand what you mean about center-line being off - I have 2 real legs and my body is still confused most times, since the injury. Keep going, Girl!