Friday, January 27, 2006

wants & needs

What I wanted to do tonight is some blogging for you. It's Friday night and MyFK is over at Nana and Papa's for a slumber party, so I finally have the living room (and the computer) to myself.

I also have the making for margaritas.

As a complete and total aside, MyFK (who I've also been referring to lately as HisRoyalHighnessOfTheLivingRoom) was given a TV/DVD player as a holiday gift (from a smart mommy), which should have successfully moved him and his game systems into his bedroom. This should have been a big bonus for me, because the cords on the controllers were previously strung across the living room from the TV to the couch, directly across my walking/wheelchair path. Moving the PlayStation, it's cords, and the annoying sounds of Star Wars Battlefront out of the main room of the house was something I couldn't wait to have happen. I almost gave him the gift a week early.

But for the holidays he also got a cd-Rom version of "Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth." When MyFK says the title, it's a run on sentence and he sounds a bit like an auctioneer. Anyhow, the point is, it's a computer game, and the best time for mommy to be on the computer is when her kid is enjoying his allotment of video game time...usually a win-win....except now the video game time is on the damn computer. *sigh*

So back to needs and wants. What I wanted to do is wrap up and post the partially written side dish stuff I wrote about yesterday. Unfortunately, as you will see, I now have a need. Almost more of a have to, actually.

TheMIG has a friend he used to work with who is (well, was...but we'll get to that) pregnant. Baby is due to arrive in this world in February. In hear this good news late last August, and I decide to knit up a Baby Surprise Jacket. The whooooole inspiration for me for making this jacket is the fact that the parents of this baby are on the gothic side, and what goth wants light blue baby shit, right? So what I decide to do (inspired by Jodi) is to make buttons with cartoon skulls on them out of shrinky dinks, and put them on an earth-tone looking sweater (the buttons really being the focus).

Easy, right? I finish the sweater in early September. I didn't seam it up, but there are only two straight shoulder seems in this jacket, so that's no biggey. My problem is the buttons. Since September I've made a couple of attempts with the shrinky dinks, and they aren't turning out how I want them to. I'm having trouble getting the buttons to melt up evenly (they come out oval), and so I just kind of stuffed the whole project in a box until I felt like playing with the plastic and colored pencils again. I've waited to finish the gift and have been stalling at finding a solution to the buttons issue because, well, I have until February, what's the worry....and I work well under pressure anyhow.

Now just so you'll know, I've been asking TheMIG every few weeks if he's heard about a baby shower, and I have not been given a yes. But this week, I ask him twice (because it IS the last week of January, and the baby is due in February, and I need to melt plastic here). He forwards me an email with the tag "here's her address," but the content of the email he forwards me is actually for the baby shower that was November 1st! The email also reads that the baby is due in January. ACK!!! So I email the mommy-to-be, figuring she's probably in labor while I'm clicking send. She emails me back that BabyGoth was born 3 weeks early, DECEMBER 18th!!!!!!!!!!

I want to blog, but I need to/have to have a date with the toaster oven and figure out this shrinky dink button shit. Or I need to just seam up the sweater and sew on standard buttons.

I also need to get to finishing the 2nd sock because it's almost the end of January and my goal was for 1 pair of socks each month, and I've only just finished the instep decreases (I haven't had a whole lot of knitting time this month), and this is a schmezolution.

So I gotta go get busy.
I'll post photos of the results tomorrow.
Which could be knitting photos or photos of empty margarita glasses.
We'll see.