Monday, February 06, 2006

the cold shoulder

Last night MyFK was reading an email from his Nana (my mom). She was reminding him that the Olympics start this weekend.

WHAT?!?! Already?!?!?

Now, I don't know HOW I got it in my head that Opening Ceremonies were February 16th (maybe because the Olympics are 16 DAYS long??)....but they do NOT start the 16th. They start THIS Friday THE 10TH. Ack! I am supposed to start knitting the shawl in less than 4 days!

The thing is, I thought I had a week or so to knock out a pair of socks. My plan was to knit the socks MyFK has been begging me for...he has much smaller feet than TheMIG's, and I'm making him spiral-socks anyhow (it's a kind of tube sock). Kinda bending the rules on the "pair of socks a month thing", but whatever. I dont think I have time to knit them now. In fact, I am certain I don't. So either I need to knit two pairs next month to keep up with my resolution, or I have to address the fact that resolutions are resolutions no matter what the resolution (made to be broken, in my opinion), and give up on it.

So at the very least I've scurried and finished the "something to keep my shoulders warm"

Sally Melville's Knit Round Scarf from her Knit Stitch Noro Silk Garden, color 226

I figured I'd better get it done and put the needles down Tue-Thu and get my house clean. I have a feeling not much is going to get done around here after that.


Diana: ummmmmmm, you stick to torts, I'll stick to tortes. But you know I'm going to be calling you to help me decipher the legal-eze soon. And if you need to know what a bain marie is, I gotcha covered *wink*.

Sara: that is very good advice *smile* ....and YES, older is definitely proving to be much better than bleeding out on the side of the road. For sure. So far, actually, everything has proven to be much better than that (thanks for reminding me). I am thankful for every day I have. Even if it's my birthday and I have to flush my arm down the toilet 20 times to rescue a bracelet. teehee

jodi: thank you for the birthday wishes! I thought my 30's were going to be great, and while it has mostly been great, it's been a rollercoaster. My girlfriends who are 40+ tell me I'm in for a treat. And YES...I rescued the bracelet. That photo was of the soggy thing back on my wrist where it belongs.

Anonymous (the devotee): thank you for being brave enough to post (even if anonymously).


diana said...

Well, I understood what I was talking about...I guess explaining legal concepts is harder than I thought!

I really wanted to tell you how pretty you look with your little shawl/scarf thingy.