Tuesday, March 28, 2006

already old news

I wrote this blog post last Saturday, but didn't post it as I was planning on including it with my next knitting post.

But now it's already old news-hahaha. MissHarlot posted about the same topic today in response to a new book that's out (that I'd love to have--someday when I have $) called Mason Dixon Knitting.

in defense of…The Knitted Dishcloth.

I know.
It's a pretty silly thing to be knitting.
It's right up there with the Lysol-Can Cozy my grandmother wants me to knit for her.
Even two of my knitting friends looked at me like I was nuts....

I knit a dishcloth.

Let me remind you of why I knit a dishcloth:
* A sore arm/wrtist/hands created the need to test out if it was all knitting that was irritating me or just the small needle sizes of current projects. And the dishcloth was on 7's instead of 2's.
* I only had the coins in my change jar to spend on yarn.
* I wasn’t getting instant gratification out of any of my other works in progress.
* My "something to keep my shoulders warm in summer" thing is going to be out of a (recycled)cotton. I’ve never knit in 100% cotton before, so I thought this was a good way to give the fiber a whirl and see just how (ir)regular my stitches are (supposedly cotton isn't very forgiving).

But that’s why I knit the dishcloth.
Now let me tell you why I love the dishcloth.

* It’s like hand knit socks. Ridiculously practical and something you could buy anywhere. Except that you didn’t.
* How often do I wear something I have knit? Not nearly as often as I wash dishes, I promise you. It’s neat to have my hands on my handiwork at least three times per day.
* For $2.98 I made 3. The damn things were only $1 a piece. I’m sorry, but that’s cheaper than the sponges I usually buy, thee washcloths do a great job getting the dishes clean, and I can sanitize them with one trip to the washer (I don’t wash my sponges. Do you?). I have a hunch the washcloths will last longer than a sponge, too.
* They are coordinated with the colors of my kitchen.
* They are not going to be piled up in a landfill.
* They very fondly remind me of my great-grandma.

So pfffffffft.


strangelittlemama said...

I love them, too. They also make excellent facecloths and are gently exfoliating! I'm about to move into a new house & I think I'll knit several to match my new kitchen, so hey-- someone's in your corner.
The Lysol cozy, though.... um that's just plain crazy. (said the woman who knit herself an ice cream cozy!)

jodi said...

Yeah, I love them too. When we bought our house I was so excited that I knitted a bunch of brand new bright orange dishrags for our new orange and blue kitchen. Whee!

Anonymous said...

I like the knitted dishcloth. I think it's pretty. :)

Rabbitch said...

I make tons of 'em. They're great gifts, fantastic facecloths, and there's one guy who lines up, panting (yes, he likely has issues), at the craft sale every year to buy half a dozen for washing his car. Very few things can get dirt off of things as well without scratching.

And besides, you can knit them when you're high on painkillers and it's unlikely you'll fuck them up completely. *g*