Monday, March 13, 2006

on yesterday's performance

I’m feeling very proud.
Proud of what I did, proud of what we did, and just basically proud to be a member of this dance project.

During the performance itslef I felt grounded and supported and connected and beautiful.
Can’t ask for much more than that :-)

Only one person (that's a record) approached me after the show to tell me how brave I am and that I am such an inspiration (and we all know how much I love that).

**if you dont know how much I love that, please reference yourself to Monday, December 12, 2005 "a label I can live with". I've made several attempts at trying to learn how to link you to an old post, but apparently I'm too much of a moron to figure it out


Turns out that five days was just about the right amount of time to be away from MyFK. He wasn't gone so long that I was suffering withdrawls, nor was he gone long enough for me to forget I have a mommy-life. SO I got some projects done, slept in, had time to relax, time to play with TheMIG, time to hang out with friends old and new....oh, and I was able to have cookies for breakfast and not have to worry about setting a bad example... hehehee.

My first chance to see him again was this morning as he was waking up, and it was really sweet...then made him breakfast and off to school he went.
Picked him up at 2:20 and by 4pm I'd pretty much had enough already hahaha.

Ok, so NOW I'm ready to dive into that parenting book.


Gray said...

There is no question that you are grounded and supported and connected and beautiful! I'm really glad that it went well.

It sounds like you are fully ready to go back on mommy track. You used the R&R well. My daughter just started her two week vacation, but I have to work. I like your way better!