Wednesday, April 12, 2006

knitted ark

Does anyone out there know which knitting book it was that had the knitted boat??
It was really just a little bowl shaped thing, and I would guess it was a project that included felting.

I think I might need to cast on.

Last time I wrote about the weather, I was reporting March rain stats.
In March, it rained 25 out of 31 days here.
As of today, April 12th, it has rained 11 out of 12 days.
More rain is expected.
Mudslides, floodwatches and small creek advisories, homes being yellow or red tagged for evacuation. An elderly man gone missing this morning when the hillside behind his house came down. They're digging for him now with 5-gallon buckets.

Here's how one of my pupperdoodles spent the one sunny day in April.

I have a permanent pile of muddied towels near the back door for wiping muddy puppy toes every time the dogs come in from potty excursions (the one above is Roxy, her sister is Lily). Even when it stops raining my backyard is a mudpit. The topsoil has washed away, the clay underneath has become this tarry black substance that sticks between the dog toes. I should put up a ring and set the place up for mud wrestling.

I spent that one sunny day looking for my sunglasses, which of course, I didn't find until it started getting overcast again. I also spent most of the day feeling like I was walking on the moon or something....I hadn't seen shadows in so long that once the sun came out to create them it added this surreal feeling of depth and texture to the environment. The sun felt so good I actually almost wept.

I know this still isn't the dance calendar.
But I'm feeling too poopy and seasonally affected to get that assembled and posted.

I am getting a whole lot of knitting done, though....some of which I can post about, but most of which I can't. Most of what is on my needles is super-secret birthday stuff for all of the April and June folks in my life. But I'll take some pics before I wrap the gifts and show you later, after I give them ;-)


Ragnar said...

There is a knitted boat in the back of "a gathering of lace," it's bowl shaped but I don't know if that's what you're thinkin' of.

Sara said...

Cute puppy! Cuuuuuuuuuuuute! :)

Carol said...

That dog is so bleeping cute. I find myself wanting to kiss his nose.