Friday, April 21, 2006


Merde. This is how you wish a dancer good luck.
(you dont say "break a leg" to a dancer...especially when she only has one leg)

Lots of dancing for me this weekend.

I start today at 12-noon with Dance Anywhere, doing an improvisation with Dandelion Dancetheater.

Then onto a 4-5 hour rehearsal with Dandelion for the upcoming performances of Annica.

After that, I begin (and this is where you need to wish me "shit") a weekend long interview process for a part-time dance position in Axis Dance Company. They are seeking more dancers with disabilities.

We start with a 3-hour meet & greet tonight with the company and auditioning dancers. We have a 6-hour dance workshop/in-process interview on Saturday. We have 3 more hours of workshop dancing/auditioning on Sunday, and then we hang around for one-on-one interviews, I assume with the creative director and a few others.

I'm pretty nervous. I've been googling a bit, and some of the other dancers auditioning have far more modern dance experience than I do, and some (but not all) have had a bit more time than I have had adjusting to changed bodies and how to adapt movement.

Besides, all of's the kick off of National Dance Week, and I'm trying to squeeze in seeing some important performances on Sunday afternoon.
I need a clone.

Have a great weekend, all. XO