Saturday, June 24, 2006

on the fly little time! So much to say, and no time to type.
Here's an update, list style, in a very random, brainfart sort of sequence:

1) Opening night was amazing. We hit every single cue, the dancing was beautiful, the audience was hooked in and love it.

2) The second night (last night), was an entirely different experience. The order of the piece changed overnight (for the better), but it meant needing to also adjust cues at an extra rehearsal..and then needing to focus on hitting them come actual performance time. And the audience *sigh*. If I didn't know better, I'd think my grandma chartered a bus from New York to pick up all her friends at the Jewish Retirement Center to see some other play and somehow took a wrong turn and ended up at our show. They didn't get it. I'm not even sure they were aware it was a nude performance.

3) TheMIG is here in LA...just arrived today. He's coming to the show tonight, and after tomorrow night's show, he and I are heading to San Diego for a couple of days to see my all time favorite band, Radiohead. I will have to type later about how thrilled I am to be going..TheMIG made it totally happen, rescuing me from tears of sadness when I found out I was missing the band play in my home area because I would be out on tour. But I gotsta type fast because I only have 2 more minutes...hahaha.

4) A quick TeeHee....Eric was leading us in warm-ups yesterday (keep in mind I do not dance with a prosthesis, I just go one legged), and he told everyone to, "lay on your backs with your arms and legs extended a big 'X'.....or a 'Y"..." and the whole room bust out laughing.

5) I haven't been to the beach since my amputation...and the other night, a bunch of us went to the beach for a bit of midnight swimming. I tackled sand on crutches all by myself! It totally broke an inaccessibility barrier for me, and I am thrilled.

6) The ladies at A Mano Yarn Center in Venice/Los Angeles rock. More about that store, with a link and photos when I get home.

Have to to the studio and on with the show!


TheBon said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time and that things are going well! Looking forward to pictures!

strangelittlemama said...

You sound so happy! I'm glad you are having fabulous times, minus the clueless audience.

Sara said...

Ah, you are having such a good adventure. I'm so happy for you.


P. S. À propos of nothing in particular, I just wanted you to know that while my boyfriend and I were messing around on the computer the other day, he happened upon your picture of your stump wearing the kitty hat cozy, and he just burst out laughing. This squeezed my heart. I make a lot of jokes about my amputation, but though he'll sometimes force a laugh or a dark joke of his own, he rarely thinks anything about any of this is funny at all. It was very, very good, two and a half years out from all this, to see him let loose with something so natural, and genuine, and healthy as that laugh. Thank you.

(BTW, he totally thinks you should embroider a face on it, with whiskers. I think that would be overkill.)

a mano yarn center said...

thanks for the kind words about our little shop! so nice meeting you and awesome hanging with you! hope you come thru again next time you're in the area!
annette & shannita
a mano yarn center