Monday, August 21, 2006

i'm sick

Again. I felt the tickle coming on late Thursday night while at TheMIG's for the kitty incident*. I spent all afternoon Friday in bed and by that night I had a fever and a bucket and a tossing-o'-the-cookies. Saturday and Sunday I actually thought I was on the upswing. But Sunday night, everything just kinda dropped down into my throat and now my glands are so swollen that my every swallow comes with an accompanying wince. Poo.

All weekend I felt too wiped out to sit at the computer and think, and type, and hence no bloggin'. And I have so much more I want to finish up saying about the touring season, too...dangit.

I did have enough stamina this weekend to read a few blogs, though...and I've caught up on all of my faves that I was behind on. If you are here for the amputee stuff, do check out Sara's blog...she's an amazing source of information and one highly entertaining read. I also caught up on my friend Kathy's knitting blog (if you want to see something neat, check out her over-dyed self-striping yarn...she did the math to figure out how to make the stripes match over two differently sized objects, clever girl.

I'm happy to report that I had some knitting stamina, too. I have FO photos coming (da lace! she izzz blocking now!), and I finished some socks, too. I was also perky enough on Sunday to go on a recon mission for more tissues and orange juice, and on the way home I stopped by Deep Color Studio and registered for (shut up) a drop spindle spinning class to be held in couple of weeks. I'm ready to do some justice to that hand-dyed fiber my Secret Pal sent me.

There is something that has been on my mind for weeks now. I've been have been suffering the guilt of knowing that I have been horrible about replying back to comments and emails. I would like to apologize for those who have emailed or commented that I have not written yet. Some people have emailed me some really wonderful and touching letters, and I owe a several of you some very long overdue notes. I'm hoping that next week's return of the school schedule and the run of the shows being over means time for me to catch up.

*btw, the tombstone on the last blogpost is not real. It was made here.

I think the internet/blog savvy readers are completely boggled at the fact that I have to point this out, but hush hush, now. Some of my real-time-peoples who read my blog aren't all that geeky (ummm, and neither am I), and well....we don't always know what is real and what is not in this big webby world.

One of my non-savvy friends called me up confused about timing because she couldn't figure out how TheMIG had arranged for burial and a tombstone that quickly LOL.

Don't be embarrassed my lovely, it looks pretty real to me, too ;-) That's the point.

Here's one of my other faves... the ACME Heart Maker


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you're sick again! I hope you have someone to make you chicken soup and bring you nice soft tissues. Obviously, I also hope you feel better soon.

(BTW, I thought the tide pool post was freakin' hilarious.)

Gray said...

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm still playing catch up with blog reading, so I've just now stumbled here. Clever girl? ME?? You made my day!

I thought I was over it, but I've been dreaming about spinning. Wish I was there to go to class with you..