Friday, September 08, 2006

harlot hits california

Alrighty...who else but me is making the pilgrimage to The Yarn Harlot 's book signing tomorrow at Full Thread Ahead ?

I know someone will be there, because the hosts announced in a recent email:
We'll begin setting up seating at 3:30 pm (when the city lets us close the street)

Yes. That says: close the street.
Apparently the rsvp's first outgrew store capacity. Next, I believe, the owners obtained permission from the city to use the store parking lot as a larger event space. But now it would appear that they are closing down the whole street. LOL

And yet, I haven't talke to one East Bay knitter that is trekking over there.

If you are going, and are interested in carpooling or hooking up to chat once we get there, pop me an email. Or just look for me. Normally I'd say, "I'll be the one in the t-shirt that says....(blahblahblah)," but really. We all know I have other identifying features. Just look. You'll find me ;-)


kathy in juneau said...

This is TORTURE! I'd love to go with you. I'll be thinking of you and expecting a full "Amputeehee" report!

Mouse said...

Dude.. she never comes anywhere NEAR Atlanta when she tours- its frustrating! I hope you are going to try to bring a book to get signed.. and yes.. pictures would be good! I'll just sit here and be jealous ok? lol

Rebecca said...

I'm so jealous! No tour dates near me yet, either. The worst bit is she is in my hometown today and I'm not even there to take her a Polygamy Porter! Think I could DHL myself out tonight to go with you tomorrow?

Warrior Knitter said...

Lucky you! She hasn't come anywhere near where I live either.

Maybe she'll take a pic of you & "The Sock" & put it on her blog!

Have fun!

lene said...

Enjoy meeting Harlot! I know I would if I could!

Lorena said...

Wah! Why can't she come to Florida? Hey, why can't you both come to Florida? Just toss her in the back of your car and steal her away, wouldja?