Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ok, so maybe i'm bi-polar

The pendulum has swung kiddies, and where I was once feeling poopy, I am now totally giddy.

Last night's Rockstar Supernova has effectively (momentarily) lifted me out of my funk.

Yeah, yeah. Shut up. I watch Rockstar Supernova (it's something I've been too embarrassed to admit to, but screw it).

Now, listen. I don't normally watch "that kind" of televison. Yes, I DO watch TV....PBS, Nova, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, stand-up comedy, The Discovery Channel, The Independent Film Channel....those are all big time faves over here. But I most definitely do NOT watch reality tv shows or contest type programs like this. Ever. Fine for you, if you do. But I don't.

Until this one.

But I have two good reasons....

One, there is a contestant on the show that I've been a fan of for about 5 years now. Her name is Storm, and she started off in San Francisco as the front woman in the band "Storm & HDM" ("Storm and Her Dirty Mouth"....gotta love that). The band had a split, and she moved to Portland. Her new band is "The Balls."** They come back to play in the SF Bay Area regularly, and I have gone every chance I could swing it, because she ROCKS. I have all the cd's and mp3's, and even a Balls t-shirt, too. See? Total groupie LOL.

Storm is this rockin' 6-foot tall blonde bombshell with a hard edge and an awesome vocal range. Her band has an impressively twisted way of mashing up classics (for example, they mashed Iron Butterfly's "InAGaddaDaVida" with Abba's "Take a Chance on Me," and voila--AbbaGaddaDaVida). She's also got some cool original tunes (go here and check out anything..."I Want You To Die" is actually a personal favorite of mine, good for a serious giggle if you have a warped sense of humor. I sure do.)

Storm has had a slow start on the TV show, in my opinion. She normally has an impressively diverse (but often raunchy and risque) stage presence, so most of her personality has not quite made an appearance on prime-time. It's ummm...probably not suitable for younger audiences *giggle*. I think she's been figuring out how to be a little bit more PG-13 and still be herself.

She's had a few rough weeks on the show because she's been getting doled out songs to cover that she can't quite get her "Storm Stink" all over. But the last few shows she's been getting tunes that she can sink her teeth into, and last night she performed an original.

Anyhow, I've been watching her for weeks now on the boob-tube, and damn...she is KICKING ASS.

As a huge fan, I'm so excited for her. Even if she doesn't get the gig with Supernova, she's totally getting a ton of publicity out of this, so WooHoo!

Except now I probably wont be able to ever see her again for $10 in a dive bar. Drag.

**The Balls website has most of it's content temporarily removed. Supernova contest rules. But I swear she doesn't always look like last night's strung out leftovers (only sometimes! *grin*. And aint we all been there? If not, you missed a party..) There's no photo gallery up right now to showcase her different "sides." Over the years I've seen her pull off both pig-tails and ball gowns, and just about everything in between. My kind of gal ;-)

The second reason that watching this has been so much fun is that MyFK, who's quite the rocker, has totally been tracking the series, too (although now that school is back in session, he has to watch it the next day and can't vote. poo.) Anyhow, since the contestants perform cover tunes each week, MyFK has been very interested in hearing the originals so that he can compare. And I have almost all of them.

(that is only a small portion of the wall o'music here)

For weeks now, our house has been filled with The Beatles, Hendrix, David Bowie, Nirvana, Johnny Cash, TheWho, Queen, Stone Temple Pilots, Aerosmith, Blondie, The Pretenders, The Cars, The Talking Heads, Jeff Buckley....the list goes on and on. We've also busted out the originating bands of Supernova and Rockstar's host, Dave Novarro...so we've also had a few rounds of Motley Crue, Jane's Addiction, Guns 'N Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Heart (no requests for Metallica yet for some reason. Sorry Jason). I know it's the not the normal "family listening hour," but I'm pretty glad I'm not being asked to tune in Radio Disney (and I'd do it if I had to, but I'd probably have lock-jaw from gritting my teeth too much).

Every once in awhile my little music enthusiast shuts his door and plays "rock star" in his room, belting it out really loud, thinking I can't hear him (but I can, and it's damn cute...he'd probably kill me if I recorded him LOL).

In a week or two my little rocker is starting electric guitar lessons. His dad is setting him up to take classes with this dude, who teaches many a kidlet here in the Bay Area.

After visiting his website, I was thinking, "Holy Crap, this sure does seem like overkill." But I've asked around, read some parent boards, and actually the guy is supposed to be great with kids. MyFK has a friend about the same age who has been taking classes, and so he tagged along to check a lesson out. He's excited.

Last night I read this article from Guitar Player Magazine, and think I understand now why this instructor must be so great with kids. Things like, "There’s no 'I think you can'....[it's] 'Oh yes you will, and here we go.' Encouraging to the last, the very personable Doppler is entirely confident of your success, and he addresses you like you’re a valued guest in his studio—think Mr. Rogers with a half-stack."

Mr.Rogers with a half-stack. I'm down with that.

Now someone pass me the earplugs, please.


Gray said...

I am perpetually in the position of loving and performing types of music that are notably unpopular, particularly from the viewpoint of a 15 year old daughter. It's great that you can share your interest with your son. Living in a four-channel universe, it's hard to find shows taht we can comfortably watch together now.

The scarf, the T-shirt, and the model look terrific.