Monday, January 29, 2007

things i learned this weekend

I learned that dishes don't wash themselves and that eating cereal with a fork is difficult.

I leaned that handknit shawls wont block themselves.

I read a good amount of knitting blogs, folks. It would seem that most lace knitters complete the handiwork and then sprint to the finish line by immediately blocking their shawl so they can bask in the glory. My poor shawl has been sitting here for a week. I'm probably not the only one out there to have done this, but I do believe I am possibly setting a knitterly record here.

It would seem that I have a major case of CantFinishIt-itis (hey lookie there--the word "shit" is in the middle of that!). I'm doing this with my other knitting projects, too. I have a little neckwarmer that is 4 rows away from being done, and I just can't seem to get it off the needles and around my neck.

As much I hate having a bunch of UFO's laying around (UnFinshedObjects, for the non-knitterly folks), I think what I really need to do (aside from blocking the shawl for crying out loud), it to cast-on something new. Something with some rich, bright colors, maybe.

I learned that when you have only known somebody for 3-1/2 weeks, and they slink by in the middle of the night and leave herbal remedies for stress for you in your mailbox...that friend is a keeper.

I learned that maybe half my problem with feeling the "lawsuit undercurrent" is this:

That is a shelf of the entertainment center in the livingroom, and that is the shelf that is at eye level, and that is the shelf that my vision meets every single time I emerge from the bedrooms or the little girls room (that really smells like a little boys room, because well....a little boy lives here). That pile on the shelf is all stuff mailed to me by my attorney.

I've somehow let it become some sort of altar, but not one I enjoy reflecting upon. Maybe some day I can do complex origami with all of it. Heh. That would be one fun craft project :-)

Anyhow, two shelves below this shrine dedicated to my legal woes, is a lidded picnic basket sort of thing, housing and hiding all of my knitting books.

This weekend I swapped out and put the legal crapola in the closed basket, and the the knitting books on the shelf.

I know.

I'm a little slow.

This weekend I learned that missing the meeting of the local spinning guild again really sucks, especially because I now have a spinning wheel and don't know how to use it. But I've also come to realize that if I'm already rather "delicate" (LOL) and what I want to feel is comfort, then I'm really not up for feeling fumbly, then I shouldn't push myself.

Besides, if MyFavoriteKid is away at his dad's for the weekend and TheMostImportantGuy is over, laying in bed all day with big plates of brunch and watching survival shows on the Science channel is (to me) a whole lot more fun than pushing myself to get out of my pajamas and meet people.

Maybe next month.

SO. All in all, this weekend was fairly restorative.

But carrying that feeling over into this week might prove to be a challenge.

By 7:33am this morning, I hadn't even had a cup of tea yet, and I already had a To-Do list with 23 items on it. All for TODAY.

Hey! One of them was blogging!

1 down, 22 to go.


Jan said...

I've got a sad case of Can'tFinishIt-itis, too. But only when beloved family members are involved.

The first one was my sister, dying of breast cancer. I think I thought if I never gave her the gift, she wouldn't die.

Now, it is another sister who has a long life ahead, no problems, new husband and new baby. I finished the knitting of her wrist warmers, but can't get the ends woven in. (And the hooded towel set for the baby sewn, either, although that isn't started.) I think this time I just want to visit, and hand it over in person, so I can see the baby.

But it's a weird feeling, for sure!

M-H said...

Good to read this Bonnie. And well done on replacing the legal stuff. Weird what we do to ourselves!

kathy in juneau said...

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, BLOCK THE SHAWL. It's so magical. It will make you so happy. Or better yet, send it to me and I'll block it (hey, it'll be good blog fodder) and send it back to you.(Maybe ;-) ) Really, REALLY, it will make you feel so accomplished and powerful and wonderful. Do not pass go, do not collect $200*. Just. Go. BLOCK THE SHAWL!

*As an aside, my children want to know why I like to say this, but hate to play Monopoly.

~Donna~ said...

Good for you for moving that pile!

I'm just the opposite now with my knitting. I just finished a bunch of things and now I can't start.

My knitty mojo is really playing some nasty head games with me lately.

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Congrats on moving all the legal crappola. I can imagine that it was a great relief to have that all out of the line of sight.

Your singing to the choir on the not finishing things. I've got so many dang projects going and none are any where near finished. hehe

TheBon said...

Oooh, the wheel...I am definitely going to have to meet the wheel too. Three and a half more weeks!

Dani said...

Ahhhahahaha, I laughed (in a companionable sort of way, of course) when I read about the legal shrine. We all do this to ourselves, don't we?! For three years, I would leave my school books in a big, industrious (read: horrifyingly tall) looking pile in the MIDDLE of my desk so that I would feel compelled to open them any time I walked into my bedroom. Instead, I became enamoured of cable television. Ok, maybe not the same thing.
The to-do list? I do those too. Sort of compulsively. But I *trick myself* by adding Very Important things, like "brush teeth", "read 1 ch in Lovelace novel", "go to work/appointment/school" and "make list for tomorrow" so that at the end of the day, the completed stuff still outweighs the incompletes. You'd be surprised how readily even the most rational brains will accept that this is legitimate!
I'm really glad to hear that you spent the weekend taking care of yourself, though :)

Carrie said...

Oh, my gosh! I have nine things on my list for today, and I was up until 3:00 a.m. stressing about it! Not that that was helpful. And I couldn't find my knitting, so I played the kids Nintendo DS's.

Good idea with the books and the legal stuff. Look at your stack of documents! Holy Crap! I'm sending you karma every day, girl. Let me know when it reaches you!

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Take care of yourself.

Gray said...

That's a big pile of lawmail! My condolences.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the simple solutions/helps are so hard to see. And such a relief when it's done! Knitting books are so much nicer to look at.

Kerry said...

I can't wait to see the shawl when you get around to blocking it. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous! I sincerely hope that all the legal stuff is over for you soon so you can move on. I can't imagine it's any fun at all.