Wednesday, January 03, 2007

this can't be a good sign. the first three days have already whizzed by.

NYE Balloon Drop

I've been trying to do up a post about New Year's Eve, and not only can I not get my shit together mentally, but I can't get it looking good either. The post would be greatly supported by the photos I took, and they aren't as good as I thought they were. They looked great on the digital camera screen when I took them, but upon uploading, they look too dark. I'm going to tinker with them and see if I make them spiffy. It was a really fun evening and I'd like to document it (I did make it out to that event that TheMIG was working). I saw great things, met good people, and I have a few things to say about photos or not photos, the post will come in a day or so.

Meanwhile, as an update:

Well, there basically aren't any comments on comments. Why? Because I SUCK. You guys have been leaving really cool comments and emails for days now, and I haven't replied to a single one.

Some of you I don't have email addresses for, because blogger is lame and doesn't require you to leave them. I asked TheMIG to help me get a new comment system installed on the blog, but it isn't quite ready yet. Haloscan isn't set up for the "new blogger"yet. Only the "old blogger" and "beta/new blogger". Send me an email if I don't have it and you are waiting to hear from me. Link to my email is in the sidebar.

For those of you that I DO have email addys for, and am perfectly able to shoot a reply to...well, like I said. I suck. I should at least announce something to the several of you that commented or emailed about the "Soooo...what did they do with your leg after it came off?" question. I am more than happy to tell you, and my lack of response to you freaks (and you know I mean that affectionately) is not because I am offended by your asking. So please don't fret about that. I haven't replied becuase I'm frickin' lame!

I'm hoping to get caught up with emails this week/weekend.

The burnt boob is on the mend, but slowly. It's in that "looks worse before it looks better" stage. The gooey sticky peeling stage (I know. Wrinkle your nose and say "ewwwww!" My apologies). It's still quite painful, and I'm not sleeping well, which isn't helping to lower my cranky-factor.

Let me try to give you a mental picture of what I looked like when I was out New Year's Eve. I was on crutches, sans prosthesis. I was wearing sort of gaucho style pants. Just below the knee length swishy knickers. Like these.

Becuase these pants are the hip trend in the dance world, I have several pairs of these, and unlike full length pants (which I will pin or tuck up), I just kind of let the empty leg hang long and dangle there like a skirt. When I wear them, it is clearly an empty pant leg. Kind of like the Grim Reaper's cloak with no face showing.

The empty pant leg is even more obvious when I'm sitting down and the slinky fabric just sort of goes...flat.

SO. Back to the paryt. I'm outside of the NYE venue getting some air, sitting on a park bench. Leg(s) completely visible, not tucked under a table or anything. A young gal sits down next to me. She was cute and very sweet, and looked like she had just come off The Playa. She starts chatting me up about what cosmic intentions I have for the New Year, her place of employment (a place on Haight Street that sells tye-dye and paraphernalia) , and about where sandalwood resin comes from.....

....and we go on like this for about 10 minutes or so....

Then she asks me how I sprained my ankle.


Sprained my ankle???

Believe it or not, this type of thing happens frequently. I have had multiple occasions of being asked how long I will be stuck wearing a cast or a leg brace. Hellloooooo...are you seeing a cast or a leg brace somewhere?? I mean, dude. There is no cast there. There isn't even a leg there to put a cast on.

Once I even had someone walk right up to me, and I swear to god, their opening statement was to ask me what run I was skiing when I broke my leg, and if it would keep me from hitting the slopes again in the future.

I don't get it, but I think what happens is that people see the crutches, and want to be polite by not staring at the rest of the picture. Are they somehow trying stay focused with eye contact, and in doing so, they don't scroll all the way down, maybe? Well that's fine. Good actually. But then stop right there and shut up about what you think you are seeing when you aren't really looking because you are making an ass out of yourself.

It totally cracks me up every time. I told the NYE chick that I twisted my ankle, and as I was falling, my leg just sort of twisted it right off.

I gave her about 3-4 seconds to absord the news flash, and then I started laughing so hard I almost split a gut. Which was all good, and then she started cracking up, too. She was brave enough to not fall all over herself trying to apologize, and she certainly didn't need to. I mean, most of half her problem was the fact that she was in a "lovey state" and was hugging and smooching the tree next to the bench (and no, I was not on the same boat ride).

But it happens when people are straight up and it's broad daylight, it is one really odd phemonenon ;-)

Go to John's and check out his link to the YouTube video (I'm not slick enough to add it to my blog the way he did, and you should check out John's blog anyhow because I am super-fond of him).

I looove this clip and have watched it a whole bunch of times today and no matter how many times I see it (and hear it...I don't know why, but the sounds seems important to me) I still can't stop giggling about it.

It's sort of like bowling for body parts.


M-H said...

...I'm speechless... How can anyone *not* see what's not there? (If you know what I mean) Sprained your ankle? Broken your leg? You are too damn nice to these people! :)

TheBon said...

Obliviousness can be a weird thing. Some people are so wrapped up in their own reality that it's a little scary. At least they're probably mostly well intentioned.

Carrie said...

I am so glad you got to go out for New Year's, and had such a rippin good time! I love that you twisted your ankle, then the leg came off. That's awesome. There's nothing better than giggling quietly to yourself at 2:00 o'clock in the morning =)

kmkat said...

Maybe "sprained ankle" is a code word for "leg totally gone and nothing there but an empty pant leg", sort of like "Zulu" is a code word for n*gg*r. Those people are just too polite to use the real words :-)

TheAmpuT said...

In some cases, polite is not only just socially acceptable. It is what is right.

So, no. I do not think these two things are the same. The "not seeing the missing leg issue" is more about a person struggling to figure out how deal with their own uncomfortable feelings whilst simultaneously genuinely wanting to get to know the person with the disability. So at the same time they are trying to sort out their own feelings, they are being protective and considerate by not wanting to do anything to offend. They often put their foot in their mouth by doing so, which I find highly entertaining, but their intentions are good.

The comparison you offer is nothing like that at all. The latter would be name calling. And amongst other thing it IS offensive.

jenh said...

there is a theory - I was trying to find a link to ome info...but the gist of it is that we are inundated with so much information that our senses (sight for example) will just "assume" that the standard rule applies.

In this case most people that we come into contact with have two legs. They perceive both legs on you because that is the "norm".

This happens to my mom all the time as well.

Happy New Year!

DianeS said...

The clip makes me giggle, too. A bit odd, isn't it?

Are you one of those lucky folk who can actually think and say the really witty replies that are needed in awkward situations? If so, you just ought to have fun with them, if for no other reason than to entertain yourself (and us).

Carrie said...

HaHa! Thanks for your comment. Invisible ink! Sometimes I really wish I thought faster... that's a good one. Hubby's sweater got reknit a bit, and I sized against a shirt he liked. I fussed too much, but I wanted the first sweater to fit great. The next one can be baggy or tight, now that he knows I can do it! =-P

Lorena said...

Okay, you just made me laugh so hard that I scared the cat.