Monday, May 28, 2007


A few of you have been commenting about the absence of fiber around here.

I know you guys know this, but:
This is not, and has never been, a knitting blog....I just write about what's going on...and even though there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on, here is actualy time-stamped proof that I actually do get needles in my hands every once in awhile:

Socks On A Plane (DWF to OAK)

Also on my needles is the Urban Bubble Scarf (the scarf is almost fully knit up, but before I bind off, I want to felt the test swatch to see what happens, and then use that info to decide how much longer I should make the actual scarf before felting).

Hey, it's even in Project Spectrum colors...cut me some slack!

See? I am knitting, although only just a little.

Folks, I am in the process of purging my house of 9 years of crap that I'd like to say just materialized here while I was sleeping (it's the little elves that come at night, I just know it!!). I started purging in November, just because I was ready to change my existing home life, but now that I've decided to move, it is required. There is no way in hell one item that I don't want to live with in my new home is getting onto that moving truck.

Decluttering, the way that I am approaching it for me at least, has been a long a slow process. Every day a do a little area, a drawer, a cupboard, whatever....and just about once a week I go make a donation of stuff at Goodwill. It became very clear to me at the beginning of the declutter that my life was already full, and doing the small decluttering sessions meant that I had to elimate one other activity to make things balance out. There needed to be an even exchange of time/energy flowing in/out.

At first I cut back on writing blogposts. Hated that. Felt like I'd lost a little bit of myself. Then I cut back on reading other people's blogs. Hated that, too. Felt like I'd lost a little bit of everyone else. I tried giving up washing dishes, but that didn't work. So in the end, I put down the knitting needles. I'm not going to like: It has sucked. But I haven't hated going without it in the way I hated missing other things I tested giving up.

So until I am purged, moved, unpacked, and have some new systems in place at the other end that will keep me from cluttering up again....I'm not doing much knitting. For now, instead of knitting, I need to be dealing with stupid shit like this:

That would be seven mustards, people.

Sure, they are all different flavors, so you can't exactly call them duplicates (standard, dijon, honey dijon, sweet-hot, wasabi, chinese, grainy)...and sure, I'm a trained chef, aos I know all about the importance of having just the right ingredient and the subtleties of the variation....but I can't even tell you the last time I have put mustard into anything even to make a vinaigrette or something!!!

I wish I could say that I have this problems with just mustard. Multiply my mustard issues with just about every other thing in this house. I have too much of everything.

Look. Five jars of pickles. FIVE.

I'm scared to death to start working on the cupboard with the oils an vinegars and other various liquid seasonings. I might end up brining myself or something.

This house is full of more stuff than I will ever use. Ever. And going through it and freeing myself of it all is totally worth sacrificing my love of fiber for a few more weeks.

To my knitting readers: I will be back, yarn and needles in hand more often. PROMISE.


Anonymous said...

I just combined several flavors of mustard into one bottle. Luckily no one caught me. I never eat mustard so I didn't see the point of five bottles and/or jars each with a couple tablespoons of mustard.

Anonymous said...

Spluttering with laughter into my coffee at the thought of you brining yourself. My mental picture is of you paddling furiously in a large vat of balsamic vinegar. Perhaps a safety harness needs be purchased before you venture into the pantry again? :-))

Carrie said...

Seriously, now. I have got to stop reading you with the morning coffee. I see Susan and I have the same problem... =) With a strong and happy heart, I'm going to go clean out my fridge now... love the socks, and I don't mind the lack of knitting content. Do what feels good!

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how loudly I laughed when I saw the seven jars of mustard.

Personally, I'm operating under a strict moratorium on gourmet preserves of every kind until we have fewer than three kinds of marmalade in the refrigerator door.

jodi said...

You can never, ever, ever have too many different kinds of oil, or of vinegar.

Mouse said...

At least that would be a new one for the nightly news.. "Woman brines self to death.. details at 11"
At least you can EAT what you found.. I'm the proud owner of 7 different types of deodorant after my cabinet clean out.

Gray said...

That is a lot of mustard! My worst sin is the ever expanding pickle collection- though at least some of them are home made. And I'm not telling in public how many jars of pickles are in my refrigerator because my threshold for embarrassment is way too low.

I did read the previous post- good luck with all the logistics. I love that beer bottle.


Romi said...

Hee. I think I can compete on the mustard front. Now what does that say about me? =sigh=

Good luck with the purging! :)

earthchick said...

How 'bout we put your seven jars of mustard and five jars of pickles with my five canisters of oats and four containers of breadcrumbs, and see what we can come up with?