Wednesday, November 28, 2007

how i woke up this morning

My alarm clock goes off on the weekday mornings to the radio (on the weekends, it doesn't go off at all--YAY!).

The radio is set to KFOG, which is not my favorite radio station for the rest of the day usually, but it IS my all-time favorite channel for waking up to. They are usually playing some sort of mellow "classic" not too oldie, or something new but acoustic, and if it isn't music playing, then they are talking. I have noooo trouble at all being woken from a dream by the smiling deep voice of Dave Morey or the outbursts of laughter coming Renee Richardson. Anything on that channel in the morning sort of eases me into my day and I just sort of listen and wake up slowly. If whatever they are talking about or playing aint workin' for me, I hit snooze a couple of times and wait for the GetYourSlackerAssOutOfBedNOW alarm to go off (the grating beeping thing).

So this morning the radio alarm went off, and the first thing I heard was Dave saying that he was going to play a soundbyte from something he'd found on YouTube. It was from a Disability Awareness event held at Fenway Park.

Being a gimp and all, it peaked my curiosity, so I didn't hit snooze.

As the clip played, I at first got really nervous. Like realllllly nervous. Panic attack nervous, almost. But I hung in there. And I am glad I did. A little further in, I was able to smile.

Here it is.

It was a good way to start my day.