Monday, November 19, 2007

knitting knews: two-toned ribbed shrug

I have been going through some photos of the last two year's worth of FO's (FinishedObjects, knitting), as I am verrrry slowly adding them to my ravelry page. Seeing what I had knit in '05 and '06 compared to this year's measly haul has been pretty shocking. I haven't knit diddly-squat!!! I mean, I definitely put myself on "knitting restirction" so I could use that time to purge and pack and move and then unpack....and then after that, there were the performances. But still!!! This year has been almost fiberless!! Gah!

I intend to remedy that, starting now...but of course, updating ones ravelry page with all of that previous knitting history, and then getting lost in the mindblowing potential projects section listed over there...that can sort of can keep one away from the ACTUAL KNITTING TIME one might have available to them....
is anyone feeling me here????

Anyhow, here's something to add to my list '07 FO's:

Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug

Cascade 220 Paints, color 9928-Dark Sunset, for the body
and Cascade 220, color 8555-black, for the collar and sleeves

US #7's and #5's, KnitPicks Options

Two-Toned Ribbed Shrug, from Stephanie Japel's Fitted Knits

Size: 17" (measurement from shoulder-tip to shoulder-tip)

Modifications: on the sleeves, when I changed to the CC for cuffs, I did 1 row of purl before switching to the rib to eliminate any odd color transition

Started: sometime in September, with the intention of having it done by early October. The plan was for me to use it to keep my shoulders warm at all of the dance rehearsals. Sadly, that didn't happen, even though it was a very simple and quick knit. I got stuck picking up stitches for the collar, as somehow I kept getting the wrong number. I didn't have the attention span for anything more than mindless, so it got set aside until after the run of all the shows. It will still get plenty of use, for sure. I love it.

November 18th, 2007

Notes: The Cascade 220 Paints bleeds. This was originally a much darker, sultry red, and the variegation was more subtle. During the post-knit soak, a whoooole lot of color came out. There are even a few places that now seem purple-ish, which was not at all present pre-washing. I am still pleased, but I preferred the original colorway. This yarn also expanded post-wash, but I knew that because I had washed my test swatch, and so planned for that accordingly when determining which size to knit. The swatch did not, however, release as much dye as the finished project, so when the color changed on the actual knit, I was quite surprised.

Final Verdict:
I like it! It's a good fit, although on me, the collar folds down behind my neck. I guess I don't have one of those giraffe necks like the model in the book ;-) The only trouble I have with this garment is taking it OFF. It requires reaching behind myself in a way that is somewhat problematic (my arm doesn't go in that direction anymore because of the accident and all of the plates and screws in there). I have found a method, but I look a little silly doing it, so once this puppy is on, it stays on...because I have to be willing to be seen contorting my face along with my body while I do the Houdini-thang.

I would make this again.


Mouse said...

Ooh.. I love the shrug! I'm definitely going to get that book for xmas!

Carrie said...

I love that shrug also! I feel for ya on the color. It sounds like it was very dramatic when it was darker. But I so want to make one of these. I would look so cool at drama club....

Anonymous said...

The shrug is super cute!

Also, I'm so with you on the Ravelry. I love it, but can easily get sucked in and actually may lose knitting time due to it. Of course, I already did that with books, so I guess it's essentially the same thing in a different form.
Oh, and I called you a friend there, even though I rarely comment here. I hope that's OK! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty colors.