Wednesday, November 21, 2007

squeechin in at the last minute

Yes. I was doing the Yay!-I'm-going-to-bed dance, going around the house and turning off all the lights. I'm allllll ready for cozy time and making an indent in my memory foam pillow.
But NOoooooooo.....I forgot to post today. So here I am, and it's almost midnight.

Was NaBloPoMo this hard last year?
Is it different this year because the dinner is at my house and guests are coming to stay for the weekend?

I ask myself these questions, and many others....and in fact, here ARE the other questions I found me asking myself today, because I actually wrote them all down on a piece of scrap paper, just for you:

Where did my parenting skills go? Did I leave them packed in a box??

Is there a link between feeling like I don't spend as much time with MyFavoriteKid and the fact that my house is generally cleaner?

When did I become a bag washing hippy?? With a BAG DRYER.

I really do not wear about half the clothes in my closet...isn't it time I either wear them or get rid of them?

Why does my 18 year old cat always lay sleeping on the bed with his eyes open?
So my heart can stop at least once a day because I think he's dead?

Why is it that when a part of someone's mind goes, that they don't lose the part that is impatient and rude to people?

Is 11:45am too early to be drinking Baileys on the rocks? (probably)
Is that a sign that something aint quite right in my life? (probably)

Do I really need to follow this knitting pattern or do I know enough by now to just make shit up?

How long will it take my Thanksgiving guests to realize that my plan to potluck it basically got everyone else but me doing the work?

I might have had answers for some of these questions, except that I answered the Baileys question first (with a no and a yes), and after having a couple of those, well.....

I gotta go make dents in pillows. 'Night


Anonymous said...

After years of washing plastic bags and carefully stacking them on the dish rack (only to discover hours later that they'd toppled over and were still quite wet), last spring I finally broke down and bought one of those bag dryer thingies. From what I can see in the photo, I think it may be the same one you have, actually. I love it. I consider it one of the best things I've ever bought. (Okay, so how dorky does that make me? Wow.)