Sunday, January 13, 2008

more on resolutions

I found this on the last page of the January '08 issue of the freebie paper Common Ground.


Forget diets,
forget grandiose pilgrimages,
forget tantric sex and
the bliss navel of the Universe.
See how long you can go
without being offended.

~ Aaron Silverberg, poet (

Good thing that wasn't a resolution of mine. I wouldn't have made it very far. What I mean to say is, I DIDN'T make it very far.

And that is certainly a point to ponder.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

but which one did you slip up on?

Did you *have* great tantric sex? Have you dieted? Or did you get really pissed.



M-H said...

But... but.... many things in life are bloody offensive. Ageism, Sexism, stupidity of all kinds. Is this my fault? :)

Carol said...

Okay, I simply can't agree with this one. In the first place, I refuse to give up the possibility of tantric sex. (Note I said "Possibility" -- 3 kids age 10 and under are killing me.) In the second place, and on a more serious note, I refuse to give up my sense of outrage. I think we need more outrage in the world. We just have to direct it at the right targets.

So, um, I guess that poem offended me..... (;

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

wcd ~ The last one. None of your business ;-). Depends on how you define diet. Not pissed at all, just offended.

m-h ~ Yes, THINGS are offensive. But I'm reflecting on the idea of not taking that in and FEELING offended. I'd rather do something more proactive than steep in that feeling. When I do that, it often keeps me from being helpful.

Carol ~ Firstly, no I'm not suggesting giving up on the possibility of tantric sex (especially since I know it is possible), and if you guys want to drop your kids off at my house and take off a romantic getaway in wine country, the invitation has now been extended :-)
Secondly, outrage...sure! Directed at the corrected targets, even better! But so as not to repeat myself, please see my comment to M-H, above.

to all ~ isn't perspective an interesting thing?? See, when I read this poem and it made me want to ponder the times when I feel offended over something personal and relatively petty. Like when people disagree with the way I do things or the way I look, for example. Lately, for some reason I have yet to determine, I take offense to things like that rather than just chalking it up to us all being our own people.

And no, I did not make it a resolution to not be offended. I dont make resolutions, and y'all saw my "intentions" for the new year in the previous post. But I have been reactive and feeling hurt by things people are saying that weren't even intended to be hurtful--they were just opinions--and that is what this blurb has me wanting to think about.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

and yes, wcd...I know I just made it everybody's business LOL

Anonymous said...

I read it your way, and I love it a lot, and you know what? It totally goes with what I posted yesterday. :)


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

sara ~ I'm so glad someone finally someone got my drift LOL. I was beginning to feel nuts. And yes, it goes perfectly :-)

Wheelchair Dancer said...