Tuesday, March 04, 2008

definitions and warm fuzzies

Squozen Defined

TheMostImportantGuy read yesterday's (second) post, and then IM'd me:
squozen = squeezed + frozen ??
I immediately typed back, "Yes!! That is it exactly!"

The squozen feeling is when my heart feels all squeezed and achy and crampy but when my behavior is sort of stuck and rigid...not the "cold" sort of frozen....it's more about being static or immobile.

Squozen. It also sort of sounds like a new brand of popsicle.

Now for something warmer and fuzzier:

This gorgeous yarn was a gift/prize I won at the Witty Knitter's blog. She had a little contest for a few people to hit some magic numbers on the commenter clock, and somehow I managed to win. The package arrived here last week.

It's just lovely. It's hand spun and hand dyed kid mohair from what appears to be a local artisan from her side of the planet. It's a beautiful amethyst sort of color, and it is just the softest thing ever.

Which plays into why I didn't post about it sooner.

This yarn was in the mailbox waiting for me at home right after returning from the vets to put my poor Tramp to sleep. At first I opened the package and cooed all over it, because, as yarn will do, it had its fibery way of cheering me up.

But then I had it sitting next to me on the table as I typed that post that day about having to let him go, and I'd fiddle with it and stroke the yarn from time to time....and it was so so soft, it was almost like petting the cat....and after awhile, it was making me sad. Tramp wasn't purple, but he was grey-ish, and even the color was beginning to make me think I was seeing him curled up there next to me. I decided to tuck it away for a couple of days.

I'm glad I did, because it is so pretty, I don't want to make any negative associations with it. I'd rather think of this yarn as the good thing that happened that day :-)

There is a little over 200 yds, and I think I am going to make some sort of small scarf with it. Maybe something like a Bainbridge?

Thanks M-H. Sorry for not letting you know sooner that that package arrived okay. And I want you to know that timing aside, your gift is very much appreciated. I especially love that it is completely handcrafted from a place so far from me.


~Donna~ said...

Oooh...it's gorgeous stuff...and I'm going to make a Bainbridge too...someday...

M-H said...

I'm glad it arrived safely. I was going to check with you if you hadn't let me know by next week. Enjoy!

Suzanne said...

that is beautiful and looks like would make such nice things that would be worn constantly.

EkC said...

Hi there! I'm a new reader to your blog, and just wanted to sympathize with Tramp being put to sleep...My family dog is actually being put down today. He's 16 so I knew it was coming eventually, but it's definitely still difficult to deal with. Anyways, I like your blog and look forward to reading future entries!