Tuesday, March 18, 2008

either way you slice it, it's a dog

Last night I was too dog tired to post.
Tonight I am too hyped up about a dog to be tired.

I've been wanting a dog for a good long while. Up until the move here last summer, I already had two dogs, if you recall. They were same litter sister dogheads, rescue puppies. They were named Roxy and Lilli, but usually referred to them (affectionately) TheStoopids.

I love them so.
When I rescued them, they were teeny tiny an I had two legs. A year later, when I became one legged (and medical equipment laden), and they were collectively 135 lbs of active dog, they stopped getting what they needed from me, and I felt horrible about it.

The girls actually now live with TheEX, which is a pretty good deal for everyone. MyFavoriteKid still sees them on weeknight and weekend visits so there never was a terrible rough detachment phase. I also have a chance to visit the dogs for a moment when the kid is being transferred. The dogs have someone stronger that is able to walk them frequently, And now that the TheEx has the two dogs, which has recently been indentified by the medical community as being just as effective as prozac.

See? It's a win win.
Happy dogs, happy kid, happy Ex.....

Well, I guess, not so win win with me.
I have no dogs, and now no boober-kitten (sad oldman cat died a few weeks ago).

To be honest, I've been wanting a dog for months. I've be investigating the possibilities and trolling the local kennels online, but was very hesitant to even consider a dog because of MrCrabAppleCat. Then Tramp passed, and I couldn't think about a new pet, I was so sad.....but now I'm clear that I really need me some dogness.

So in comes Winston:

I'm not sure if Winston is his real name or his "prison id" given to him at the pound. He is about 2 years old, is a Spaniel/Pug mix, and weights about 10 lbs. He was at a shelter in the central state and not doing too good. I don't have the whole story yet, but he was either close to being euthenized, or just generally deteriorating under kennel conditions.

Enter HopALong and SecondChanceRescue. They go 'round to shelters and pull out as many adoptable pets that they can. They put them into foster homes, get them all checked out and fixed up, and then adopt out.

Well, Mr.Winston here hasn't even made it his foster family yet, and he has a waiting list of 7 people for him. I am number one on the list. As of today, he has been rescued from the larger shelter, and is now at the vet being treated for kennel cough. Once that clears up, they will neuter him give him all of his shots.

I have been told by several people in the office now, that this dog is absolutely gorgeous and adorable, super sweet, and very mellow. Even a volunteer tried to snag him---but my application reined supreme *mwah haha*. I've heard he is very calm, but likes to sit in laps and loves to cuddle. This is goooood.

What's next in the sequence is that he gets sprung from the vet's and I meet him for a one on one (well two on one, I guess...MyFK will come). I've already completed the application and have had the screening interview, so now it's just about seeing if we're a match with the dog. I think the key is to see if he's going to freak out around crutches or a wheelchair. Some dogs are indifferent, some just slightly back away at first (I'm okay with that), but some just bark and bark and run and hide. I hope Winston is not in the latter category.

If that all goes well, we foster to adopt (or maybe we just a adopt--I'm unclear on what the flow will be). There is a 3 week honeymoon period where they'd be glad to help place him with a more suitable family if need be.

But honetsly? When I look at that face?

It's love at first site.
He aint going anywhere.
(if he gets here....cross fingers please....i needz doggy kissez)

I know I should wait 'til I have him, but I already bought a color and lead. Just in case I meet him and we get to take him home, I mean I'd need that, right???
I sort of figured buying it was my way of informing the universe that I intend to have this dog be part of my family. A statement of intent.

Hope it works.


Rabbitch said...

I'm doing the "Universe, Give My Friend A Dog" dance.

jodi said...

I doubt my dance looks the same as Rabbitch's but it certainly has the same effect even if it's a tad big less elegant. Good luck, honey. He looks like a real sweetheart.

jodi said...

Whoops. That's "bit", not "big". It's early.

Helen said...

*longtime lurker here*
omg he is just the sweetest thing! wantwantwant I too have the need for goggies in my life (Have you seen I Can Has Hotdog? go look) but what with tiny house, long hours, idiot husband and general stressiness it's not a good time. Husband thinks it would be nice - for him maybe, notsomuch for the lil pup...so I shall live vicariously through you. He's so yours.

Mouse said...

Since Jodi & Rabbitch have the 'interpretive dance" part of the program covered.. I'll send good "puppy getting' thoughts your way

kasiaiscarly said...

Oh! He's adorable! I hope it works out! We had the same 'wait and hope' when we adopted our 2nd dog. He had a lot of interest, but we won out since we had another dog, already - he was very shy and scared and needing an outgoing to dog to 'show him the ropes'.

JohnK said...


I'm adding to the dance and I've gotten Chet (our canine) involved, too.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I wanna see Rabbitch's interpretive doggie dance.

Sending 'let it be a perfect match' vibes your way. He sounds just right for you and damn - that's one cute fuzzy little face!

Janice in GA said...

Me and Dear Robert, Jasper, Bouncer and Lucky are all crossing our respective fingers/paws that everything works out ok for you and Winston!

A girl needs a pet. A dog, if possible. :)

InkyW said...

I'll let Rabbitch take the dance route, so I'm lighting a candle for you, the FK and Winston to build a happy home together :) I hope he likes car rides too!!

Unknown said...

So much with the cuteness!

~Donna~ said...

Most. Adorable. Dog. Ever...sending more universal vibes out... I'm a big believer in that... almost one year ago, i announced i was ready for love...and 2 days later, Honey appeared. IT WORKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

HE'S MINE! You are crazy and do not deserve him!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Winston! How completely cute he is!

"Prison ID" -- you crack me up!

Probably the thing I miss most from being two-legged is being able to run with dogs.