Monday, March 24, 2008

how to lose an hour more efficiently than daylight savings time, in 9 easy steps

1. Start the night before by packing your TravelingVan with everything you will need for a five day road trip, sans the last minute items you need to grab in the morning.

2. Take a gander at your list before going to bed, observing that you should probably add "wheelchair" to the list, but acknowledge that is a pretty stupid idea. I mean, how could you forget, being that you are a daily wheelchair user.

3. Go out to the van in the morning, and take care of packing the last few items, including unplugging the electrical cords that were hooked up for overnight charging.

4. As you pack, listen to the construction guys working on the house across the street installing new windows. Contemplate how silly it is that they think you can't understand their language, knowing full well that what they are saying is, "Maybe we should help her," as they watch me packing up the electrical cords.

5. Proudly balance on one leg, with nothing to lean against but air and space, and wrap up two heavy duty RV extension cords and pack them in the underside storage compartment. Make sure the construction guys see the smart assed smile on your face...the one that you've been able to conjure up since age 2 when you stubbornly announced, "I do it myself!!".

6. Get in the van, drive off, chuckle and wave like the queen when one of the construction guys waves a goodbye to you.

7. Get 40 minutes down the road and realize that in your preening display of independence you forgot to pack your wheelchair.

8. Drive all the way back home to get it, wasting gas money, bridge toll, and an hour and a half worth of drive time.

9. Be thankful that the construction guys are working on the windows at the rear of the house across the street, so that you don't have to wave again.


Aside from rolling into the RV Park a little later than expected, we're having a good time.

It's 10:51 and the dog is more konked out than he has been since he's joined us. MyFavoriteKid fell asleep early, too. I just had some chocolate and I am drinking some wine, laying in bed, enjoying the free WiFi, and watching (well, more like listening to) Sigur Ros on dvd (which is partially about them and their music, but it's like watching a beautifully filmed travel documentary about Iceland).

Life is pretty damn great.

Oh, and when I walked the dog, I could see the glowing sign for Andersen's Pea Soup.
Hint: that makes me very happy. Childhood favorite.

I am SO not making lunch tomorrow.


Mouse said...

DOH! Well.. at least you are there now- enjoy your trip!

Unknown said...

Heh--This makes me feel better about the post-it I put on my inside front door that says "Wedding Dress". I was convinced that we'd de-camp to the hotel the day before and walk out without the dress.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny.

I've been meaning to mention, if you need a driveway to park in on your way back up, send me an email and I'll give you our Cambria address (and let the neighbors know.)

Anonymous said...

Haha! I always forget to take my crutches. I can't tell you how many times my ass has smacked down on the floor because I was hoping around due to lack of travel crutches.

Jennie said...

Ha! I once made it to Petaluma (from Alameda) before realizing I'd forgotten my suitcase. For a 2-day camping trip up past Ft. Bragg.