Wednesday, March 12, 2008

speaking of views...

Oh, yeah! I said that I was starting my own new tradition!
Here's the OutTheBackOfTheVan shot from last weekend's camping trip:

Bodega Dunes State Campground, space #16
which just so happens to be a wheelchair accessible campsite
(ie more compacted dirt, less "dunes")

I also took a photo of the view out the front window this time:

Who the hell goes camping with a light-up palm tree??!?!
answer: the people who also go camping and set up a pen for their 8 puppies


JohnK said...

I had a thought... how about you travel with light up palm trees and christmas trees and an artificial fireplace, and... ah ... no.... just keep giving us the rear view window shots. luv ya

Janice in GA said...

So where's the picture of the puppies??

/just kidding/

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

john ~ luv u 2

janice ~ You know, I didn't see the puppies until the next day just as we were leaving! I only saw them because I was trying to figure out what sort of fur ball was trying to attack the lady walking around with a mug and a cigarette in her bathrobe. She looked like that cranky lady from the Hallmark cards. I'm glad I didnt know that I had puppies any sooner. I might have come home with one.

Ragnar said...

I've seen some crazy things in the RV section of the campgrouds...which we drive right on past because my parents are into the "tent" camping experience, bless them. Wouldn't want a hard shell to come between you and the driving rain, oh no.

I have a friend who's taking a post grad job in San Diego, where apparently the rent is mighty high. So instead of getting an apartment, she is buying an RV and she's going to live in one of those vacationer's trailer parks. I haven't yet warned her that she could have "neighbors" with light up palm trees and puppy pens.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Ragnar ~ The RV section has always sort of freaked me out. I'd pass through it to get to the backpacker's tent area on the way into the woods for a week. Part of why I bought a conversion van was so that I'd fit into smaller places and not have to hang out with the tour buses.

You can tell your friend that RV dictionary calls people like her "fulltimers". "Snowbirds" are people who move their "rig" seasonally. See all I have learned?? LOL