Saturday, April 12, 2008

the eggs, they are cozy

Per the "rules" of Blog365, when you are off the grid, you can still write your blog entry old fashioned style, and post it later...and this is just that!
I was out of town with TheMostImportantGuy Saturday and Sunday, visiting the LandOfNoInternet. This entry and the next are delayed and backdated.


Egg Cozies for Grammie

(made to replace this old thing)

Ribbed Cozy knit by TheAmpuT
YARN: Cascade 220 The Heathers, Color 1233

Garter Stitch Cozy knit by MyFavoriteKid!!!
(I helped with the turtleneck, picking up the sts for the sleeves, and the sewing up, but he did all the knitting)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Paints, Color 9923

NEEDLES: both knit with US6/4.0mm Brittany dpn's

PATTERN: inspired by Kristin Nicholas' Turtleneck Egg Cozies found in Weekend Knitting (we made them with larger needles and cast-on more sts....grammie has arthritis and we wanted them to be easy on, easy off)

NOTES: Very cool to look on Ravelry and see that most people knit these up to make ornaments, gift tags, or to top wine bottles. Fun little stash buster, but the sewing up and weaving in of ends was a bit of a drag. If I were to make a miniature sweater again, it would be a seamless top down raglan ;-)

Oh! And we packaged the egg cozies up with two adorable antique milk glass egg stands that I found in Lexington around the corner from Sara's favorite yarn store (more on that part of our trip soon!)


Anonymous said...


Yeah, I made an ornament sweater top-down this year and now I'm anxious to do a human sized one that way.

Welcome Home!!

~Donna~ said... love love the cozies! they are awesome...and the Kid did a great job...better start saving up for his yarn....