Friday, April 25, 2008

one well rounded day

Got kid to school.

Walked the dog (I typo'd god, by the way...hahaha).

Got a massage (woohoo!).

Participated in and led a section of the opening workshop for Dance Under Construction.

Had a late lunch with one of my best friends and got to resolve some stuff that we've been needing to talk about since January. It was good (ok, I just typo'd god again).

Came home and cut up a pan of veggies for roasting up and serving along with couscous, and feta cheese.

Shared a bottle of wine with TheMostImportantGuy, while eating the yummy food and watching August Rush together with MyFavoriteKid.

Pretty damn great day.
Tomorrow is mostly to be spent in the theater, and a performance tomorrow night, so I must go get some sleep!


gartlande said...

OK. You ARE going to church tomorrow, right? It's like a message for dog, I mean, God , right?