Tuesday, April 22, 2008

things i love about the internet

Being able to watch the San Jose Peregrine Falcon "nest cam".**

Jose and Clara had four eggs this year, and when I woke up this morning two of them had hatched. Another one hatched this afternoon.

Clearly I need to get out more often.
But even if I did, I wouldn't be cruising a rooftop buggin' new parents.

** do check out the webcam; the quality is much better than the photo above that I filched from the local news channel. You can even see the eyelids moving LOL. The parents are mostly keeping the babies warm right now, but every once in awhile they get up an move them around.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That is totally awesome!!

Ragnar said...

Our local power cooperative has a Perigrine nest on their property and they just launched a camera as well. There are eggs, so there may soon be chicks...keeping my fingers crossed.


By the way, word verification says: zhphqod, who is zaphod's younger, more phonically challenged brother.

Philip. said...

There certainly is some interesting stuff on the internet!