Wednesday, April 30, 2008

well at least everything else is getting fixed

Thumb still hurts some, but is on the mend.

Meanwhile, I am working on fixing everything else about me that is broken.

I'm in the last phase of dental work, which is hurting the pocketbook more than my gum line.

And I finally went to the doctor the get those headaches checked out. In addition to the headaches, I've been having recurring muscle pain in my neck (which I chalked up to a few specific moves in the choreography I'd been working with since October), but the neck pain started to migrate. It was moving in and out of my arm on that side, and then down into my armpit. I couldn't tell if the muscle pain was causing the headaches, or if it was the other way around.

The doctor ordered a few x-rays, which I still need to review with him, although he did say he'd call if he saw anything obvious. He also ordered a slew of blood and urine tests, which I passed with flying colors.

The one test I have not taken yet is the one that he believes will point to the root of my problems. A sleep test.

"Hmmmm...has anyone ever told you that you snore?"

"Yes, my boyfriend. Every single time I sleep with him, thank you very much."

"Well, as you were describing your symptoms, the longer you spoke the more it seems to me you might have sleep apnea. Do you know what that is?"

"Yes, my dad has it, and has to use a CPAP machine when he sleeps."

"Ohhh, so it runs in the family, too? I'm ordering a sleep study for you."

Next week I get rigged up and sent home with a box that records everything all night long. I bring it back to the clinic in the morning so they can confirm that I do in fact snore, but I guess more importantly, just how much.

And also next week I get my boobs squished flat between two big mammogram plates for my first time.

It is all so exciting.
But hey, cholesterol is fine, blood pressure is fine, glucose levels, thyroid...I'm all good. Except the thumb.


M-H said...

Sleep apnea has become a disease du jour... I'm sorry that he thinks you may have it. But I'm not how it's responsible for your sore neck. Have you consulted with an osteopath?

Djinn Jen said...

Lucky you get to have an at-home sleep test! When my Mom got tested she had to sleep in the testing center.

I'm pretty much immune to snoring now. In fact, it's hard for me (or my boyfriend) to get to sleep without the sound of the other snoring!

Anonymous said...

If you are taking any antidepressants, those can cause a sleep disorder. I had to stop mine, get really bitchy, and then switch to a much smaller dose of something else. (that was the recommendation before and after my sleep study--the neurologist knew the answer before the study)

But now I sleep a lot less and nap a lot less and snore a lot less. And feel a lot better. I'm probably still bitchy.

Liz in NoWhere PA

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your thumb is better! That's the type of injury that can drive you absolutely crazy.