Sunday, May 18, 2008

slacker (mostly)

Gosh, what a lazy slacker-ish day I have had today.

I mean, I did do a mountain of laundry (TheMostImportant guy came over this weekend bringing many many loads of laundry with him--the machine at his place is out of commission). And I did hostess an overnighter for MyFavoriteKid that started yesterday, Saturday, at 9:30am and went until today, Sunday, until about 6pm.

Aside from that, I pretty much stayed in my room all day watching the boob tube.

First it was a disc full of Flight of the Conchords. OhMyGosh, so SO funny. It's my new favorite thing. But when the disc was over, I got immediately got sucked into a marathon of really really bad reality tv (a program I am too embarrassed to even name here). Now it is almost midnight, and I am watching back to back episodes of Ninja Warrior-20.


This next week I am just flat out keeping the tv off. That's that. And I am using this week to catch up on some overdue posting. Period. But for now, please excuse me....I've got to stop typing so I can see if Nagano and that one American dude can clear the 2nd stage ;-)


Unknown said...

OMG, I love Ninja Warrior! And the Flight of the Conchords is such genius. Love!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

jennu ~ yah, I both of those are great! It was the reality tv that was a time sucking total waste of time LOL