Monday, June 09, 2008

I ganked this awhile back over at Kerry's blog....

blog readability test

I'm surprised I didn't land in the elementary school category, to be honest with you.
I took the little quiz several weeks ago and filed it away in case I ever had a day where I needed some filler. A day like today.

Today has been allllllll about little irritants, mishaps, and misunderstandings.....and my being ill equipped to deal with any of them with any sort of pleasantry....because IT IS FRIGGIN' HOT HERE AND MY BRAIN HAS MELTED.

I swear to you that if it this hot here tomorrow, I am NOT going to be LittleMissEcoGranolaGirl about it and just sit here with my undies all sweated to my arse just so I can decrease my carbon footprint or whatever (hey--is mine less because I have only one foot, by the way???).

Tomorrow, if it is this hot?? I am going to stop being the sticky cranky barking kvetching lady that people cannot stand to be around, and I am TURNING ON THE AIR CONDITIONER.

Screw the power grid, and I will deal with the bill from the power company when it arrives. I think it's worth throwing a few extra bucks their way to keep the few friends I do have from running away as fast as they possibly can.


Kim Ayres said...

It turns. out mine is College Post Grad level, which is a bit worrying. The last thing I want is to appear elitist

jodi said...

Watch it with the undies sweated to your arse talk there, lady. You're getting us excited.

Janice in GA said...

I'm... elementary. Figures.

Do you have electric fans? Our thermostat is set on 80 most of the time, but we have fans running too. cheaper to run a fan than the a/c, and it helps. Some.

no-blog-rachel said...

I hear you on the A/C. I really hate to use the energy but last heat wave it was not only 90-something in the house, I had a fever. So I turned on the A/C. I only set it to 80 - it doesn't have to be cool, just bearable in my book.

We have an attic fan which works wonders sucking all the hot air out of the house once it cools down at night - but the trick is it has to cool down at night! Sometimes A/C is the only way to go if you're lucky enough to have it.

My blog's high-school level too. I was sure it would be elementary!

EkC said...

It hasn't gotten too hot here in Denver yet, but I'm sure it's right around the corner. I'm about to move into an apartment that has no air conditioning too, so hopefully fans will do the trick...:P

Mouse said...

I turned on my AC as well.. it was 97 in the house and I was getting sick from the heat. We're keeping ours set high (85) and using fans.. just trying to get it less humid.

kathy in juneau said...

SO of course I had to check my blog out and was relieved it also got a HS rating. For kicks I then plugged in Max's blog and his is COLLEGE (albeit undergrad) level. Please, don't tell him...

TheAmpuT said...

kim ~ try using more unnecessary elipses.... If that doesn't work, try happy faces ;-)

jodi ~ I wish it was the fun kind of sweat and the sexy panties, but

janice ~ I do have a fan for the bedroom in the evenings. I need a big one for the livingroom though.

rachel ~ I think what I need is a retractable awning off the backside of the house.

ekc ~ happy moving!

mouse ~ I would die if I lived where you do, dude.

kathy ~ hahahahaha