Saturday, July 05, 2008

snaps on saturday

Okay, this time it's really Saturday.
Here's your snapshot:

Sort of has that "family photo" feel to it, no?

L to R: Riley (as in, "Life of..."), Donna (as in, "Chaos"), and Rachel (as in, "No-Blog")

So the girls came over today for a little spinning, knitting, and Viggo I+II+III (or more widely known as The Lord of The Rings Trilogy...and the extended versions, at that!)

We started off the morning together with a brunch and started the first flick, and then Rachel had to cut out for another engagement. It's now almost 11pm here, and Donna and I are still at it. We rent right past brunch on into lunch and dinner, and we are midway through the final dvd (5 of 6).

So much fun, I am having. So nice to have people over. Thanks you guys for coming! (I suppose for Donna I should just say that out loud since she is sitting right here on the couch next to me watching the final battle of Minus Tirith ....hahaha).

Anyhow, I thought I'd best get this post in before it strikes midnight.

Hope y'all are having as good a weekend as I am!


~Donna~ said...

Thanks for having us over and feeding us such wonderful goodies and providing such awesome entertainment and great conversation. Oh, and Riley is the MOST. ADORABLE. DOG. EVER. Seriously.

Now, since it's so late ... erm... early! Guess I'll get to bed...

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Soooo much fun! It was great to see you guys. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Yep - Riley - way adorable.


Mouse said...

Congrats on having such a great day. I wish I lived closer!!

Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

Sounds like a great day. LOTR is one of the few things that I can watch over and over. And as soon as I had seen the extended, I had to own the extended!

Anonymous said...

Bon,if you're into Viggo, Eastern Promises, that's all I have to say


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

donna ~ it was my pleasure. We need to do it again!

n-b rachel ~ welcome! I want to do it again in the fall!

mouse ~ soooo wish you lived closer!

dragonfly ~ I had ONLY seen the extended, and I have only see the theater version once, and all the missing parts gave me a headache.

Michael ~ seen it. You think I'd miss that naked fight scene? Sheesh. I thought he should have won the oscar for that role, but he had some tough competition.

Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

that's how I am now. it didn't bother me when the theatre version was all there was but now if I see those versions I feel like the story is just not complete.