Saturday, July 19, 2008

snaps on saturday


I just did my 17 minutes of slow meditative movement (ie the pre-show), and now have close to 2 hours to kill before anybody cares about seeing me again. So I'm going to post some Snaps On Saturday for you, taken at this amazing place I went to yesterday.

Another wonderful goddess of a woman from the dance company offered to take me out for a day of girly-ness. We cruised the Los Angeles Farmer's Market and the "The Grove". The former is an institution here in LA. It's basically little stands of food and knick knacks, cheap souvenirs, etc. Built as an extension to that old time mall is the The Grove, which has things like Nordstroms, Michael Kohrs, and Anthropologie. Suuuuper strange juxtaposition, and a total blast.

The photos were taken at a shop that sells vintage items that are found in bulk at old warehouses, etc. Spaces that are being cleared out. Apparently they are well known around town with the folks who have to dress sets to match a certain period.

So here's the photos, and then below that, I would like to respond to all of the lovelies out there who took the time to comment the other day.

I love these photos so much. I have a few more, but I didn't want to bore you.
And yes, I know I find loveliness is some awfully strange things.


Okay, my darlings. I would like to thank you all so much for your love and support. Your comments meant so much to me. And not to single anyone out (but I guess I am), special thanks to Carol and the "piehole" comment, because I laughed so hard I almost spewed my post-show chocolate chip cookie all over the screen.

Ok, so hopefully this reply covers all the comments (and I know I usually do this IN the comments, but...whatever):

Yes, a good cry helped, and yes I put a lot of myself into this. A whole lot. It's almost beyond measure.

Thanks for the hugs.

Yes, I am calmly and easily aware that I do deserve more. (not sure if that makes sense, but I do at times doubt what I deserve, and I do sometimes have to get worked up about it...I am doing neither of these things, and this is good).

I didnt tell her to shut her piehole, nor did I tell her that I charge $50 an hour. But I DID tell her that I charge $20 a night, but that I am not working this week or next.

I love you too, and yes I am dancing!!! And it is beautiful! The 6 minutes that I DO dance is really amazing and every night audience has met me post show to tell me how something has moved in them. THAT erases EVERYTHING. (almost LOL)

More thanks for more hugs.

Yes, I am in my van, and yes, childcare should have been arranged. I am actually now coming to understand that this woman was told to bring her kids because certainly it would all work out. As it turns out, not one person I have spoken to has thought having kids in the dressing room is a good idea. The cast should have been asked before this woman was told it was okay. Or a babysitter should have been arranged for.

Thanks for more hugs!!

I totally agree about the in writing part. TheMIG said the same exact thing. I don't think I will ever get that in this company though. And tonight I had another verbal agreement broken, which I'm not even going to get into. I'm really needing to reflect.
So yeah, I don't agree with the kids being there, and I know I am feeling a bit bad that the kids are getting the raw end of the deal. But you may see me watching the kids before the week is out. NOT for this woman. NOT for the kids. But for my cast members, the ones who are ALL on stage while these kids are backstage alone, potentially making a racket and ruining THEIR show. I'm not sure that I can allow that to happen to them. Thankfully, the kids are not here tonight, like they were supposed to be...and I'm not sure wtf that means, but if they DO show up, I can't let them ruin the show for other people who have put so much time into it.

I'm not mad at myself. I am sad for making a poor choice, but I have no self anger about it at all. I'm kind of in the "once, shame on you...twice, shame on me" phase, but it's, a bit milder than angry I am pleased to report.

Yes, Sabah Ensemble bellydance tour. I think we might just need to do it.

And thanks for even MORE hugs!!

Ok, it's time for me to go do some stretching and warming up and getting ready for the stage.

TheMIG is down for the weekend. Huge bonus. The Great Stabilizer, he is ;-) I have a day off tomorrow (yay!) and we will get to have some fun before I take him back to the airport.

XOXO!! I appreciate you all so much.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope the rest of the tour works out.

Love and hugs,
Karen the DL

jodi said...

Yes. A few deep breaths and a step or two backwards work wonders. You'll rise above.

And, you know I am totally dying to have one of those "I like Dick" pins. Because it's true. A lot true.

The Bon said...

I'm with Jodi on having a strange desire for an "I like Dick" pin. I'm glad you're buoying up, I hate disappointments like that.