Thursday, August 28, 2008

things around my house thursday

Things Around My House Thursday

This is BunnMan (L) and George (R).

They live on my bed. And they are very important to me. And yes, I am a grown woman and still have stuffed animals.

I think I have written about BunnyMan before. He is not from my childhood. He came to be on a really sad day that also happened to included garage sale hopping with my girlfriend Pam. It was in 1994, so I was 27. Definitely not childhood. I love BunnyMan and he is definitely a necessity when I am having a weepy moment.

On the left is George. He was brought to me while I was in the rehab phase of my hospital stay after the car accident. A coworker named Jeff brought him to me. The first thing that popped into my head when he was given to me was, "I will love him and squeeze him and call him George." (heard in a Bugs Bunny voice). So he is George.

If anything ever happens to me, someone needs to look after their care and feeding. K?


Anonymous said...

Love it! I too share my bed with stuffies - a purple Ty bear I got after breaking my ankle at age 17, and the softest sheep stuffie EVER. Nothin' wrong with having them at any age.