Tuesday, August 19, 2008

why i'm not allowed on campus

Remember that homework assignment I posted about yesterday?
Well, here is my "essay".
I did it bullet style, because I was too tired to form complete sentences, and I was also too embarrassed about how many ellipsis were going to end up in there if I tried to write in paragraph form that late at night (sure didn't keep me from using too many parentheses, though).

This is exactly what I wrote. I kid you not. I mean, I even actually referred to his as "My Favorite Kid" on the paper. Lordy. The only changes are in italics, where I have take out our names and phone number.

Once you read this you'll probably understand why MyFK wont let me even slip him a high-five.

Things About My Favorite Kid, In No Particular Order
(as written by an exhausted parent who is not tickled about being given homework on the first day of school--while her child gets none!)

(insert here: MyFK's top secret real name)

* Intelligent. Qualified as a GATE student, gets high marks, tests well.
* Silly sense of humor.
* When he is processing new information (and how it may apply to something he already knows), he gets a look on his face that makes him appear to be daydreaming. He is not. He is thinking.
* That being said, he is prone to spacing out if he is bored.
* Nice.
* Curious.
* Nonviolent.
* Problem solver.
* Often needs space when upset or angry before is able to communicate effectively.
* Sometimes takes criticism too personally.
* Responds well to praise (who doesn't?!).
* Operates best with routines and consistent expectations.
* Is an only child, lives with mom, but sees his dad frequently. His dad is very supportive.
* His maternal grandparents live nearby and are, amongts other things, academically supportive.
* Plays some guitar, and took up the clarinet last year. Loves music, particularly rock and roll. Has been going to concerts since he was very young. Both parents are artistic.
* He just got a dog. He has tended to his own gecko for a couple of years (which he purchased himself after saving up the money on his own).
* Just moved to the area 1 year ago. Seems to be adjusting well and is making plenty of new friends.
* Is interested in becoming more athletic in some way (has mentioned track).
* Will probably hate me for telling you all of this, but whatever. It's my assignment, now isn't it.
(hi, MyFk...if you bothered to read this far)

written by: MsAmpuTeeHee, mom of MyFavoriteKid, insert: home phone number.
And yes, it is okay to share this with other grade level teachers if it proves helpful.

The teacher will probably think I am nuts.


Mouse said...

The teacher will probably thank you for not boring them to tears or bragging...

l_coller said...

These are like the things I tell MFK's teachers, every year. So far, all have loved her, and she has loved them. But, then, she's in an alternative public school, and we're not the most crazy parents.

Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

They make perfect sense to me and I think you've offered some great insight. I'm tempted to send one to my son's teacher even though they won't ask for one.