Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm just thinkin'....

I am thinking about the idea of only posting photos for a week, so that I can spend my internet time catching up on reading blogs rather than writing 365 posts for my own.
* I am sick to death of hearing myself think

* I am really feeling like I am feeling disconnected from people that I know through blogs that I consider "friends"

* I am really tired of seeing my bloglines pop open every time I log on, but never reading anything (as of this exact moment I have 1821 posts in my feed--yay me)

I know I wont read all 1821. There are a whole bunch of blogs in there that I dont care all that much about (craft forums and reviews, travel info, recipes, stuff like that). But the people that I actually care about?? And the fact that I got behind on reading posts when I was on tour in July, but then never snapped back? Hate it.

So my thought was to post pics for a week and read instead. So don't bother looking for me here. Look for me in your comments instead.
About time, eh??


Carol said...

Um, I know I'm going out on a limb here, but you could just STOP posting every day, and go back to posting when you feel like it, couldn't you? Is the idea behind posting 365 to be a death march to blogging Bataan? because if it stops being fun and you don't get paid for it, well, why do it?

Well, other than that whole obsessive compulsive streak... (;