Monday, September 22, 2008

the more i learn about bugs the more i hate them

I got soooo many bug bites while away camping this weekend that I have itched myself to the point of bleeding. I even have this really funny gash on my nose. As we were driving away from the campground on Sunday, there was one last bugger flying around in the van, and I tried to swat the little twit away from my face and ended up slicing my nose with my thumbnail. I know. What a ditz. It was just a little scratch yesterday, but today it's a big old scab on the end of my nose. I look like the Wicked Witch of the West or something.

Anyhow, today I picked up some stuff to take away the itchy-scratchies...

I bought it because it says it is clearly marked for mosquitos....but what the f&%# are chiggers???!! (oooo, he's even scarier looking over here!).

And I honest to god thought that they were kidding about there being NO-SEE-UMS??? I'm thinking they just totally made that up. Like it's just a blanket term for any of those bug bites you get but have no idea from where. But then I click here (and almost have a heart attack because the volume was up on the laptop) and find out that No-See-Ums are a real bug!!

Gah. And I am still finding nits on MyFavoriteKid. Way less. But they are still there. Amongst other things, I am doing the blowdryer routine. Thanks very much to those of you who advised that the heat would kill the little shits.

I am beginning to think it might just be easier to stick my head in the oven though.


The Bon said...

Chiggers and no-see-ums are pretty common in Maine, although I've never heard anyone refer to the latter out here.

Anonymous said...

Chiggers in Maine? Eek! I never heard of them in the north before. They are/were a southern bug. Nasty - they dig into your skin. There's special stuff to get rid of them.

Yeah, no-see-ums are a problem because they're so small they come right through screens.

Carol said...

Silly - don't stick YOUR head in the oven - stick HIS! Bound to kill off the rest of 'em.

Mouse said...

As the others said.. there ARE no-see-ums & chiggers - both are common here in Georgia and they're horrid. They even advertise special window screens that won't let in the no-see-ums into houses & tents. I'm allergic to insect bites something fierce.. you have my sympathy.

Janice in GA said...

2 of the most uncomfortable weeks I can remember were spent dealing with a chigger attack. I had walked through fields and woods and apparently picked up a healthy crop of chiggers. I'd been wearing long pants, but I hadn't doused them with insect repellent. That was a mistake I never made again!

I have NEVER felt such horrible itching. I went hunting for any kind of topical meds I could find, but it literally took 2 weeks before I stopped itching. I'm not usually TOO bothered by mosquito bites. They itch for a day or two and they're done. But I never want to deal with chiggers again. Never, never, never.

Avoid them at all costs.

kasiaiscarly said...

Chiggers are HORRIBLE! I got eaten alive by them last year. It was awful!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never had chiggers, but my dad tells the story of when he sat down on a rotten stump that was full of chiggers and had the darn things burrowing under his skin ON HIS BUTT for two weeks! And the stuff to get rid of them is nasty, too.