Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i'll see your voting machine and raise you one boobiesquishing machine

I voted and got a mammogram this morning. Woohoo. Double Whammy.

After that I went to a knitting group at K2Tog in Albany, where they were also having a 25% off sale today, but only IF you
a) had your "I voted" sticker, and
b) did not talk politics (it was a politics free zone today--kinda nice to have the break for a couple of hours, to be honest with you)

Then I went to volunteer at the convalescent hospital. Today was one of those days that I left teary-eyed. One of the residents was telling me stories about eating cherries during the depression. We were talking about my yard and the fruit trees, and my cherry haul this past year. She said, "Oooooh, I just looooooved bing cherries! I can't eat them anymore. No teeth! But I remember, during the depression....times were tough and we didn't have a lot...well no one did....and my husband would sometimes come home with a little paper sack...and oooo I just knew what was in there!! I just loved them so! It was just a tiny handful, that's all we could afford, but they were so delicious! I will never forget those cherries."

I took a photo of us after she told me that story.

Me & Eleanor

I should mention that moments before we were talking about my fruit trees, she was telling me how depressed she is that they took her walker away from her and put her in a wheelchair since she is having a hard time standing. This means she now has to ask for help going to the bathroom, and she said, "...and they aren't very nice about it." Then she said, "I think I have outlived my usefulness."

Hence the teary-eyes.

I am glad we talked about cherries. If she could eat them, I would pick them off my tree next season and bring them to her in a paper sack. I might have to make some jam or something for her so she can at least have the flavor.
Man, I am getting all choked up again.


In other "news" (ha---I almost typed "mews"):

I am slowly introducing the animals to each other. NewBlackKitten is curiously exploring the entire house. The dog wants to get at him, but is somehow managing to exercise enormous self-restraint (thank goodness). NewBlackKitten seems to be getting used to the dog being in the same room, but doesn't want him too close.

And Gaara the orange tabby? Gaara cannot stand NewBlackKitten. Hissing and growling or sitting in the corner being pissy...and then when the NewKitten is put back in the den for a bit so I can get crap done around here with having to keep an eye on things, Gaara is either hissing at me, or skulking. It is so sad. I am giving him extra extra love.

Here Gaara plays with one of his two favorite toys, while NewBlackKitten sneaks up behind him and peeks.

Then when Gaara figures out he is being watched....

...and Riley steps in to mediate.

I have no idea what this means yet in terms of whether or not NewBlackKitten stays or we find him a good home. You will know when I am no longer "undecided" though, because he will actually have a real name!!


~Donna~ said...

My Banshee was 5 yrs old when Sammie came as a kitten. They hissed and growled for about 3 weeks, then became best of friends.

Denise said...

Good for you - both for the voting and the mammogram!

What a great story about your volunteer experience. Do you think your friend could eat some finely chopped cherries? Her comment about outliving her usefulness just broke my heart.

Gray said...

Thanks for voting!

I loved hearing your story about the convalescent home. It reminded me very much of a conversation I recently had with our 98 year old friend, who still teaches piano. The list of things that she misses is slowly getting longer, but the list of surprising things she still has and does is remarkable. I always feel both happy and sad when I spend time with her.

That sort of visiting is so very important, and it's wonderful that you do it.

My cat has not gotten used to the fall clock change. She still walks on me in hopes of breakfast an hour before I want to get up.


Julie R. said...

Oh. I got all teary-eyed reading about your friend at the nursing home. She sounds so delightful. I love the idea of taking her some cherry jam, or like someone else said, some chopped cherries.


Next time you see her, sneak in a little hug from me, would you?