Sunday, November 30, 2008

missing people i never actually "knew"...

....although when I listen to their music over and over (and over), I sort of feeeel like I knew them. Somehow.

A million years ago it seems (I'm thinking almost 15 years ago??), I was driving alone along the coast of Half Moon Bay for a solo weekend stay at a youth hostel, and I heard this song playing on the radio. As the song played, I distinctly remember the sensation of not actually "listenting" to music as a way of hearing it, but it was more like feeling the music swirling through in my head, like a breeze. Or like breath. It was like I heard music differently in that moment.

The radio didn't announce the artist at the end of the song, and I completely flipped out because I didn't know who it was and I had never heard it before and was certain I'd never hear it again. I pulled over to a pay phone and called the radio station to find out who it was (I didn't have a cell phone back then). Then I pulled into the little town and found the little new/used record store and bought the one copy they had in stock. I listened to it all weekend long.

Not quite sure why he and his music are on my mind today, but it is.
I miss Jeff Buckley. I flipped out when he died.
And the music still feels like breath in my head.


M-H said...

More points of connection - I have been to Half-Moon Bay - a friend from Stanford took us there on our visit last year (that mightn't seem like much of a coincidence, until you remember I live in Australia). And my son is (was?) in a Jeff Buckley Tribute band in London.