Sunday, November 16, 2008


Mixed weekend. Mostly good.

Good ~ Mr. Darcy starting feeling much better. Noticeable improvement yesterday compared to Friday.

Good ~ Friday night game of Bunko at the clubhouse with both MyFavoriteKid and TheMostImportantGuy (who won the prize for lowest score--ha--and I only had one point more than he did).

Good ~ After the bunko game, MyFK got to have an overnighter at his buddy's (Bridget's kid). That meant he had a blast, and TheMIG and I had some quiet time. We actually used it to go to bed early. I must be getting older ;-)

Good ~ Woke up early. I brewed coffees while TheMIG had some mediation time. Took Riley to the dog park, and then tried out a new local breakfast joint. All by 10am.

Good ~ TheEx was slated to pick up MyFK from the overnighter, as it is their weekend together. More Boy/girl alone time for us.

Good ~ Went to go see the new 007 movie, and then afterwards stopped a Napa Wine Bar for flights of champagne and wine, plus an appetizer.

Good ~ (SuperGreat, actually) Went out for a fancy schmancy dinner at Ubuntu, where we had the Garden Tasting Menu and the matching wine pairings. The food was so good (as always) that one dish almost made me cry, and another dish had me audibly giggling. I love that place. It's a splurge, but soooo worth it.

Not Good ~ We argued on the way home. About buddhism. Well, not really. It was about not being able to listen to each other and/or understand what the other is saying. Buddhism was the topic, though. Twisted, huh.

Good ~ Talked it all out in the morning, and all is okay. Which is good, because this weekend was slated to be our celebrating our anniversary (which is officially tomorrow). It would have really sucked to have the argument not be resolved.

Not Good ~ My knitting life sucks right now. I am short on yarn for 1 deadline gift. Missing one color of yarn needed for the 2nd. I knit a great beret and accidently ruined the hat band by overstretching it during the blocking. I can probably salvage it with some elastic, but it really took the wind out of my sails to have that flop.

Good ~ TheMIG and I went out shopping for a motorcycle jacket, and I got to go on my very first ride with him. I am a fairly experienced passenger, but had not ridden with anyone since being one-legged, and TheMIG has only been riding since early this year, and I am his first passenger. We'd practiced a few months ago around the neighborhood, and I bought a helmet, but I was stalling on buying the proper garb for safety. Today was the day, and it was great. We just rode surface streets (no freeways), and took a ride out onto Mare Island, where there is very little traffic, and wonderful views.

Good ~ Pitstop for a late lunch at a mexican restaurant we've never tried before.

Good ~ Finally put the den back together. The futon had all been taken apart thanks to Mr.Darcy mistaking it for a litterbox when he first arrived here. It seems that the special cleaning solution acutally did save it from ruin. It just took several days to dry out.

Good ~ More Boy/girl alone before TheMIG went home :-)

Good ~ TheEx brought MyFK home, and we cuddled up and watched a nature show about bald eagles.


Mouse said...

About the hat with the stretched band.. can you just wet it and re-block it or is it destined to stretch out like that again after wearing? If so, your other solution might be to find the cast on edge and undo it.. and reknit on smaller needles. I've used elastic on some of my older crochetted 'rasta hats' that I love.. it works pretty well and those are some sort of cotton blend.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

That was borderline great. Lucky woman.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are shaking out to the way they should be. Savor the goodness.

M-H said...

On balance - a pretty good weekend, I'd say.