Sunday, December 07, 2008

no complaints at all

Ok well, maybe one tiny complaint. Only because I cannot retain my title of QueenOfComplainers if I do not ;-)

My tiny complaint is that I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked with TheMostImportantGuy this past week, and next weekend I'm taking off on a trip with MyFavoriteKid for a bit. But it's barely a complaint at all, because the time that I did get to spend with TheMIG was good.

Really. A nice weekend :-) :

* Took MyFK and his buddy to family bingo night at the Middle School. I didn't win at bingo, but I did win TWO door prizes. One was a middle school mascot t-shirt. MyFK had tried to win that with his own raffle ticket, so I asked for the shirt to be in his size, and I gave it to him. The second prize I won was a wovn mexican blanket, which this little girl sitting in front of me had tried hard to win (she'd even spent her allowance money on extra tickets). She was genuinely happy for me that I had won it, but once I found out she had tried so hard to win it herself, I gave it to her. So I ended up with no prizes. Hahaha.

* Hosted a little study group (ok, group of two, but hey..whatever) for MyFK and his buddy so that they could work on a project for school they have due next week. It was an interesting thing for me to watch them work on, because they were writing papers about what it might be like to have a disability.

* Successfully cast-on for a toe-up sock. This will be my first success. I tried a few years ago with a different type of cast-on, got frustrated, and gave up. This one is looking great. And I really needed a portable knitting project. The PayItForward project and the shawl can no longer be easily toted along.

* A few trips to the dog park (Fri-Sat-Sun), making Riley very happy (and very tired).

* Met up with the San Francisco Sock Knitting Group today, and both Donna and I brought our kids, who we were thinking might hit it off. They did. Bit of an age gap, but it still worked for them to hang out. The knitting group was fun for me. I really need to get out more often with fiber folk.

* Watching a Storm Chasers marathon tonight (love shows about tornadoes, and yes, I am sure I would feel differently if I lived in tornado territory....but you can't really chase an earthquake)

* Finally got past the tricky bits with the PayItForward knitting. This is very good news. The rest is a walk in the park, plus a bit of fiddling with finishing. But the tough part is done. Yessssssss.



I love shows about tornadoes. I live in Indiana, and we get lots o' twisters here!

~Donna~ said...

YAYYYY!!!! I'm so glad you got to get past the point you wanted on your last PIF project. It looks awesome!

My weekend was awesome as well!

I'm so glad you got to spend some good quality time with the MIG. Quality time with your MIG is always a good thing - hope he enjoyed the pampering. :)

I've got !!! on the brain!!!!!

Carol said...

If you like the toe-up technique, Wendy of WendyKnits has a new book coming out in the spring that's all toe-up socks.....