Tuesday, December 09, 2008

rules the day

Things are super chaotic over here.

MyFavoriteKid's last day of school is this Friday, and he has a 3 week holiday break. I've booked us an out of town trip for the first week of his vacation.

Thursday night I teach, Friday night is TheMostImportantGuy's company Christmas party. MyFK visits with his dad on Saturday before we go out of town. I pack the van on Saturday, get the pets to their various kenneling locations, and we head out Sunday. We come back the eve of the 21st (the first night of Chanukkah). MyFK is home the 22nd and 23rd, then starting Christmas Eve, he's off with his dad for a chunk of time (how long is still to be determined).

What this means, of course, is that the bulk of the holiday crap-o-la all needs to be accomplished this week ('cuz there is no way in hell you're gonna see me braving the crowds doing last minute shopping). I'm trying to get at least some of the gift wrapped up before we go, I've just taken care of the gifts for the teachers at school, and....
well, I am certain I must be forgetting something important.

Additionally, I have had all sorts of bureaucratic bullshit to contend with.

Today??? I went to:
the social security office
the department of motor vehicles
the garbage company to set up auto-pay (they don't take payments online--lame!)
the county assessor's office
the bank (and I had to go inside, I needed an actual live teller)
the yarn store (that one I just tossed in for my sanity...it was around the corner from the bank....but it really did nothing for my sanity AT ALL...I really dislike that store...she organizes the place by COLOR, not by weight or fiber)
and the post office

I also had to hit the dry cleaners and the market.

It was glorious.
At least I had a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
Now I have to go and see if I can get that same feeling out of my deadline and holiday knitting.


The Bon said...

I HATE it when they organize by color. It is ridiculous.