Tuesday, December 16, 2008

today's version of vegas

Arrived on the strip yesterday, and it was too cloudy to see the mountains...but this morning we pulled the blinds and saw this:

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow, too....so we decided to get a couple of outdoor things out of the way.

We rode the coaster at New York New York.

I loved it. We tripped around inside the casino/hotel area where it's all set up to look like New York. Had a snack. Found the arcade where MyFavoriteKid and I earned tickets for little arcade crap gifts. I scored though. Look what I "bought" with mine:

Bubble Gum lipgloss. On a key chain. Shaped like a toilet.
(I only got one; that's just a pic of the pile)

Then we hopped a tram over to Mandalay Bay and went to the Shark Tunnel.

I know that aint a shark, but the shark pics came out all blurry.
You know, the whole Shark thing is geared towards educating folks about over fishing, and endangering species....the problems with wild versus farm-raised, etc etc....and why you buy the shark tunnel tickets, they offer you a really killer deal to eat dinner at the buffet inside the hotel.

Which specializes in seafood.

Kinda crazy.

Anyhow, that's where we had dinner and it was delicious and most excellent...

....and then we went on to see Criss Angel "Believe" at the Luxor, which is him in cahouts with Cirque de Soliel. Good show. A little too much Cirque and not enough Criss, but that's okay. Cirque is great. It's just that we paid to see Criss Angel (and we're seeing a Cirque show later in the week).

Kinda creepy photo. Sorry. But that was in the lobby, and there were no cameras allowed inside of course.

I am so tired. Lots and lots of miles in a wheelchair today, and on casino carpet (which sucks ass---difficult pushing). I am getting a callous on my left hand, and that's even with gloves on.

I'm going to bed. Can't wait.


Mouse said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip.. I was going to ask you if you were going to see Criss Angel or Cirque, but I didn't know there was a double show. I like to watch CA on tv.. he's got some cool tricks -not to mention that he's got that gothy eyeliner thing going on that I love.. though the tacky jewelry has GOT to go.