Thursday, April 02, 2009

boy, can i slip into old patterns like that! (*snap!)

Talk about full of crap! Daily posting. Bah! Posting Schmosting.

I spent all day doing stuff like this:

(my version of a prayer/meditation shawl...more on that soon)

And this:

(the first spindle spinning that I feel excited enough about to actually have a knitting project in mind for...more on that soon)

Ooooo, and I also had someone come over and give me a lesson on the spinning wheel that has been sitting here collecting dust because I couldn't figure out how to use it....and, ummm....more on THAT soon, too!! Because the day got away from me, then MyFavoriteKid came home from school and it was all about....well, MyFavoriteKid (which is how it has been going since the first of the year), and the then what do you know? It's time to go teach dance class.

Then I get home, it's just before midnight, and I'm too tired to type!

Ahhhh, just like the good 'ol days.


JennaKate said...

Beautiful fiber-y goodness! What kind of wheel do you have? I started spinning on a Louet S10 this past fall and I love it! I've never caught on to that spindling stuff though.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

JennaKate ~ I have a restored Clemes & Clemes Traditional. I'm loving learning how to use it, but I have also really fallen in love with the drop spindle. I am certain I wont stop just because I learn to use the wheel.

jane said...

spinning is doing my head in - i just simply cannot seem to get the knack of despite several very good teachers in my stitch 'n bitch. hope you're doing better than i am!