Sunday, July 05, 2009

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What I did today:

Seemed like a whole lot of driving around, pretty much...but if you are interested:

  • Took MyFavoriteKid to meet his dad for a KidSwap at the self service dog wash, of all places (TheEx had never used the place before, and I'm a, that used to be my dog he was washin' there, so I gave a tutorial)
  • Picked up TheMostImportantGuy at his place, and went out for brunch.
  • Back to TheMIG's place for a bit, where I got lost in my KindleBook, while he did a bit more settling in to his new apartment.
  • An unplanned pit-stop at A Verb for Keeping Warm so I could pester Kristine with a question about indigo dyed fiber and what crocking does to spinning tools (which I can't find a good link for without getting a headache, but if you know what I'm talking about, do tell you keep a spindle or bobbins that you JUST use for indigo stuffs?).
  • Another unplanned pit-stop, this time at the cell-phone store so TheMIG could upgrade himself to one fancy-assed new cell phone that is supposedly powerful enough to solve ALL his problems.
  • Took Riley (the DogDogDog) to the CrazyCrazyDogPark.
  • Back to TheMIG's, 'cuz I somehow forgot my fancy Kindle there, as I apparently cannot imagine a day without it (even though I own the same damn book I am currently reading in paper print).
  • And then home again, jiggety-jig.

In other news:

I've decided to do (my own) version of the "Tour de Fleece".
I say "my own", because I am certain that there are those participating that aren't doing the slacker version (like I am).

The idea, basically, is that I am going to take this:

and turn it into something this:

while the REAL TourDeFranceDudes do this:

To be (embarrassingly) honest, I don't really know what sort of goals other fiber spinners are setting for themselves. Knowing that would require my reading about it, and I can't do that and spin (and read my Kindle!) at the same time. Self-centered, I know. But I'm getting used to being a hermit. I also didn't even decide to do this until the day before yesterday LOL. Impulsive. That's me.

The general gist is that you spin every day that the Tour de France riders do their thang, and you take days off when they take days off, and when they have their hard day of hill climbing, we are supposed to spin something difficult along with them.

So MY goal is to spin along every day. I have never managed to put more than 3 days or so of spinning together back to back, and I am wondering what frequency will do to my consistency. And skill (I'm still reallllllly green---White Jersey!!!). I'm also going for my very first sock yarn. I tried to do this once already and ended up with a lovely yarn, but too thick for socks that I would ever wear inside of shoes (coulda maybe made a nice "house sock", though), and that was only a two-ply yarn.

I am now trying to spin a THREE-ply yarn thin enough to make socks, and out of a superwash wool, no less (a bit more slippery). Oh, and on a drop spindle. So for those of you reading along that don't do the fiber-thing, I am basically using a spinning top with a stick attached to turn fluff into THREAD, and then spinning three of those threads together to make something about the girth of kitchen twine (or even better, less).

I do plan to also do some wheel spinning on the tour here, but the real goal is the danged sock yarn.

Not exactly Yellow Jersey.

(if you are a Raveler, here's the link for the Tour de Fleece gang)

My comments to your comments are back in that day's comments ;-)


The Bon said...

I've done the Tour de Fleece in some capacity since it started on craftster with just a handle of us. My first goal was to finish the 8 ounces of CMF SW Merino I started back a couple of months ago. Then I can't decide if I'm going to switch to two-ply laceweight pygora silk or if I'm going to spin some superwash bfl next. I also want to get at least half of my merino/bamboo blend spun on my spindle. whee!

JennaKate said...

I'm also doing the TDF with the same goal you have - just spin every day. I'm spinning on a wheel, never have spindled, so progress it a bit faster. Good luck to you, and I look forward to seeing your finished sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean when they do the team time trial on Tuesday, you'll have to do some kind of syncronized spinning with other people?

Love, Karen TDL

~Donna~ said...

between you and no-blog-Rachel, I have finally figured out what the heck this is...see? I was so lazy, I couldn't even be bothered to look it up! If I had an inclination to even do anything besides hybernate in my dark cave all damn day, I would pull out my new turkish and have a go at the "nicer" stuff i bought at Stitches when we went. Pah.

Amanda said...

I had never heard the term "crocking" before today and now I came across a second blog that used it. This time with a definition!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

TheBon ~ yes, I saw you as the mod for the flickr group! cool!

Jenna ~ Whee! Good Luck to you, too! Nice to have a pal in the same boat :-)

Karen ~ well, actually, there ARE teams! ha! I'm just not that organized ;-)

Donna ~ DO IT!!!!

Amanda ~ See, I can be a slacky blogger cuz friends like you will do it for me ROTFLOL