Tuesday, July 07, 2009

full moons and the e.r.

=So why bother telling you about "what I did today" when all the fun to be had was in the day's ending.

Yup. That's us, waiting in the very crowded emergency room (please note how nice I am, too....I shared my Kindle with the little patient).

TheMostImportantGuy, lover of all animals, especially the meowing ones, made a rescue attempt on a feral kitten. The poor dear was so skinny and so hungry that he was just walked on over to TheMIG and allowed himself to be picked up. Thing were great until he was brought into my car (without a crate---yah, we are just that stoopid), and the kitten went ballistic.

Lots of scratching and tear assing by the cat through the car, bouncing off windows, and then, he just took a bite. Or two maybe. I'm not even sure, it went so quickly. Plus I wasn't the one being bitten.

Off we go to the Emergency Room for 2-1/2 hours of fun, tetanus shots, and anti-biotics.

Warning: you might want to scroll past this next photo, if you aren't a fan of graphic grossness....it's take from off of a tv screen, and it is a staged shot, but it's kinda nasty gross.

Ok, so even though this is gross enough to warn you, I just HAVE to show you what I found the most irritating thing about my time in the waiting. They had two flat screens blaring the "Animal Planet" cable tv station. This, at first, was okay. Up first was a show about a guy who lived in a National Park for a chunk of time each year studying bears.
But after that?
A show about people being bitten by animals.
And then another show about people being hospitalized by animal attacks!
Both shows were complete with dramatizations and/or real footage of the attacks AND the hospital visits!

Just PERFECT for the waiting area of an Emergency Room, yah?!!

Other folks in the room seemed to be intrigued, but after an hour of this programming, I finally couldn't take it anymore. I complained to a nurse, and they changed it.
To Reno 911.

As we were leaving the hospital, TheMIG told me that there were FOUR other animal bite injuries in there tonight. Three other cats, and one dog.
Odd, aint it?! Full moon, you think?

Other things I did today include:

  • more Tour de Fleece spinning (on the wheel today, though)
  • visits to the two convalescent hospitals for volunteer work
  • getting some backyard junk deposited in the bulk disposal container brought in for our neighborhood
  • a little bit of knitting on a handspun scarf

    there, does fuzzy/pretty make up for the blood shot?
  • taxi'd MyFavoriteKid over to my folks for some swimming in the pool (although I heard it was more like a soak in the hottub), and then later to his basketball practice
  • a bunch of other mundane household shit and errand running

But again, it ended with the trip to the hospital.
Can I go to bed now?


Carol said...

I have noticed that certain public buildings (like when you have jury duty) often have the most wretched programming imaginable, like Jerry Springer, blaring. Ugh. I think Animal Planet would be a little bit better, especially for the people who had not just been attacked by a feral kitteh. Hope MIG feels better.

Janice in GA said...

In my old age I've turned into the Alarmist Speaker of DOOOOOMMM, so I have to ask:

Did y'all hang on to the kitten? Because you sure don't want to find out the hard way that it had rabies.

Hopefully rabies isn't a problem out your way, but it kinda is here. My sister rescues feral cats, and I worry about her too.

The Bon said...

Was it about Grizzly Man (Timothy Treadwell)? The movie about him came out while I was living in Alaska, working for NPS and I read a lot of articles about it, plus talked to the Park folk and he was not highly regarded at all. It's a shame he got eaten, but at the same time, when you're batting at bears and living far too close within their ring you are bound to meet your 100th bear eventually. (The 100th bear is an old Alaska Native saying. You can meet 99 bears and they'll all have no interest in you and you'll both go about your way. Eventually though, you'll meet your 100th bear, one that has an abscessed tooth or thinks you're after her cubs and then you will likely meet your demise.)

The Bon said...

Also! I hope TheMIG is feeling okay today! Ouch!

carleigh said...

wait. so what happened to the kitty?

Bummer about the bites. Hope there is no infection and quick healing.

We had to watch Grizzly Man in one of my psyc classes and give him a proper diagnosis. Poor dude lost it.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Carol ~ ohmygosh. Jerry Springer in the courthouse...bwahahah!

Janice in GA ~ I am old and alarmed, too. The cat was WIGGING OUT and hurting himself trying to run through windows to get away. I will expand on the next post.

TheBon ~ Yup, Grizzly Man. I'd never seen it before. It was interesting. And I think he is feeling better...will know more this evening when I see him next.

Carleigh ~ Yah, I'll expand on it some more next post for ya'.