Thursday, July 30, 2009

the land of very little wi-fi

I missed posting yesterday because having an internet connection was entirely out of the question. No cell phone signal, either...although I did manage to send and receive a text message, but that was only if I was standing on the magic spot with my head turned at a specific angle and the wind was blowing right ;-)

We are (sort of) out in the sticks.

I have photos to share, but I don't trust this internet connection to fast enough to get them here for you (we're at a coffee shop). The general gist of our trip so far is that we took all day to cover maybe 2 hours of driving, making all sorts of odd stops along the way, following whatever pulled us. We found a little mom-n-pop RV park that was way out of the way (hence no signal), down in a canyon. That had wild turkeys. And quail. And jack rabbits. And some sort of crazy albino looking deer. Oh, and the cows. Let us not forget the cows. The ones that creeped me out with all their scary loud moo-ing the middle of the night!

Anyhow, we are right now in a little town called Willits, CA....and today we're going to continue north and drive through the redwoods. And look for Big Foot.


~Donna~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

I'll save you the trouble of looking for BigFoot. He lives here, disgused as my son (size 11 feet for heaven's sake!!!).

ginaknits said...

Ah, know Willits well. My son just graduated from Humboldt State, and we always stopped for gas in Willits. If you're north of Eureka and Arcata, check out the beach in the cove at Trinidad - it's just made for pictures!