Friday, July 17, 2009

ok, so *now* it is official

I finally broke down today and got myself onto Facebook. There's no point wasting an entire post explaining to you why I have dreaded this more than I am excited by it.

However. After I signed up and clicked on a few friendly faces, I was rewarded with an unexpected perk!

Ladieeeees and Gentlemaaaaaan!!!
It is now official (because Facebook has approved it as being so, and because everything on the internet is true)!!
Facebook told me:

"You are now in a relationship with TheMostImportantGuy."

I cannot begin to tell you how hilarious I find this whole "status" thing. See, after I clicked on TheMIG's happy little photo, TheMIG clicked on something to indicate that we are in a relationship, and then Facebook asked me if it was true, and then I clicked that it was, and then Facebook wrote me back to tell me that IT IS NOW SO. And so now I know we are for reeeeeal!!!!!

Lordy. LOLOL


Lorena said...

Too funny. I love commenting on things like that on FB, especially when it's friends of mine who are just celebrating their 15th anniversary, or something. "You're finally admitting you're in a relationship? IT'S ABOUT TIME! I bet your children are thrilled to be legitimate now. ;p"

Anyway, welcome to FB. Now you can finally find out what crazy author you are, what your favorite color says about you, what alcoholic beverage you are, who you'd be in Harry Potter, and all those other little life mysteries that we never before knew that we couldn't live without. ELL OH ELL!

JohnK said...

I thought you would never be on FB.
I'm easy to find, links on the Rav page and I think on my blog (the one I haven't visited in ages).
and ps.... my verification is dlist today

Mouse said...

Words cannot express how much I dislike Facebook. I'm sorry, but I really have NO desire to meet up or "reconnect" with people I knew in high school or that I worked with in the past. The people I do want to keep in touch with have my email address...

InkyW said...

i have facebook! under my fake name so you can't find me, only i can find you. i've even met some friends of friends i didn't know, so it's been pretty cool. find me if you'd like - inky wine.

Anonymous said...

Friend me!! I love facebook! Sorry, but it's true!

Erin Chambers

~Donna~ said...

I'm on Facebook too cos I wanted to know what my son was up to...all my friends would tell me...oooh, I didn't know S got his hair cut or went here or there. Umm...neither did I!

So there you go...and there I am.

Amanda said...

Did I ever fill you in on the "changing of the realtionship status" drama we went through? I'll have to tell you all the fuin sometime. So...go friend me already! Look me up by my e-mail address.

Diana said...

Hit me up on facebook! I still use it from time to time. I'm playing with my new iPhone and was checking out your last few posts. You sound like your doing so well! I've been thinking about Harbin a lot lately- I have half mind to fly out. Monterey sounds like it was fun. Drop a line sometime! It's been too long.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Lorena ~ dude, I am so not getting caught up in that crap (at least not yet). I can't even figure out wtf "the wall" is yet! LOL

JohnK ~ I swore to gawd I never would be. I cracked under pressure. Once I figure out how to work the damn thing, I will hunt yer ass down ;-)

Mouse ~ I fought it kicking and screaming, believe me.

Inky ~ !!!! Once I figure it out I will find you there. I'm still a total FaceBook dork.

Erin ~ !!! Sheesh! Maybe there IS something to this FB thing! I will track you down next week when I can spend some time with it.

Donna ~ thanks for friend-ing me first. I could at least figure out how to click accept LOL

Amamda ~ oooooo stories! I will be looking for you online once the weekend is over.

Diana ~ Sheesh! You too! Ok, I will go there and find you. Oh, and I am going to Harbin a week from Monday! (wanna fly out? heh)

jodi said...

Dude, we all have excuses for being there. For me it's the only way I get reminders of art shows and other crap I might want to haul my arse out to.

So I'm dork enough to have looked for you in there already; are you using a fake name or something? ;)

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

jodi ~ nope! I am there under my REAL name, though! (not AmpuTeeHee). Once I get to figuring it out, I will find you there :-)

idyllicchick said...

Dear AmpuTeeHee, do you like me? Circle one: yes no

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

idyllicchick ~ can you hand me a pencil?