Sunday, November 29, 2009

almost there....

While I'm still in the same season, let me show you what the KnittingLadies of the convalescent hospital and I cooked up as a little fall project to decorate the door to the diningroom:

I bought a foam core thingy, and then gave the ladies small balls of wool (Lamb's Pride Wortsed) that I had left over from other projects...and I told them to just knit a square. Or a rectangle. Or a strip. Whatever they wanted, in whatever stitch pattern they wanted, and mistakes no problem (because we'd cover it with other decorations and pixie dust, if need be).

This worked out great, because lemme tell ya'....TheLadies are all over the map in terms of their ability and/or attention spans. We worked on the squares for a couple of sessions together over tea and cookies, and then the final week we took turns tacking the knitting onto the wreath using floral greening pins. Then we added some fake leaves from the craft store, some ribbon, and a little scarecrow guy...and tadaaaaa! We had a holiday decoration ;-)

I, in fact, did very little of the knitting for this. I started a square to fill in the remaining gap, and actually one of the ladies finished it off for me while I was helping with the tacking and whatnot. It truly was a group project for them, and they were very proud of it.

Just today and tomorrow...and then November (and NaBloPoMo) is over.


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Very nice! I love that there weren't any rules about how the pieces had to be made. I'm sure they had a great time doing it.

~Donna~ said...

Very nice!!!