Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gang, thanks again for the mojo for Donna.
She sends her thanks, too (she's left comments on the last 2 previous posts for y'all).
Great job, too...'cuz apparently things are in motion!

Over the years I have written about some of my very kooky neighbors and the things they put up their yards (obstructing-view tents or trampolines, anyone?!).

But I have another neighbor that I've never told you about before. Across the street and two houses down.

Yup. That's right.
That's an observatory.
IN my neighbors backyard!

Last night MyFavoriteKid and I were invited over to take a look at Jupiter.

How cool is THAT?!
I got lucky this time. Much better deal. ;-)


~Donna~ said...

I can't spell, so I'm redoing my comment. :)

That is soooooooo flippin cool. Much better than the tent and the trampoline fer sure...

BeanMama said...

VERY VERY cool!!!

Carrie K said...

Very cool!

carleigh said...

way cool

TheAmpuT said...

to all ~ yes indeed, so VERY COOL! I am so lucky :-)