Friday, November 13, 2009

let's try this: part 1

**written: Fri the 13th; posted?: Sat the 14th. 'Cuz I clicked "save now" instead of "publish post" ...what a putz.**

I have been sitting here staring at the computer screen for quite some time figuring out how I'm going to capture this knitting retreat when I really have no time today (what else is new). Today was busy and I have to head out shortly to drop MyFavoriteKid off at the middle school dance, and then I am supposed to be up at the neighborhood clubhouse in 30 mintues for a round (or three) of Bunko. Then I need to go to bed as early as I can afterwards because I am going to go to the buddhist zendo at the butt-crack-o'dawn.

SO. Here's what I'm thinking. I'm breaking this up in nice manageable parts.

Part 1.

It's probably worth mentioning how I ended up even knowing about this retreat.

I learned to knit as a little kid, then picked it up for a few years again in my 20's. I didn't dive into knitting headlong though until about 5-ish years ago when I picked up the needles again as physical therapy for my very broken arm.

I was wanting to try out new things and needed some help, and that is when I discoverd that my LYS (local yarn store) offered a few different times each week where knitters could come and sit around a big table and chat and knit and also get help on their projects from the yarn owner. This was perfect for me, because in addition to needing help, I also really needed to get out and be social.

The local yarn store was Skein Lane. The brick and mortar shop is now closed, but the owner, Carolyn still leads the knitting workshops out of her house. She also had been offering an annual retreat for quite some time, which still continues. I had always wanted to attend but could never make it work out. This year was my first year, and part of what inspired me to really get it together to be able to do it was who the line-up was for teachers:

here's Carolyn with this year's instructors: Nancy Bush & Sally Melville

Okay, so that's what got me there, which I understand isn't really a post about the retreat. It's the backstory. But it feels to me like it's a part of what I'll say next, so there you are. Part 2 coming. TheMostImportantGuy are doing a little anniversary celebrating this weekend, so I will either pick it up again Sunday or Monday :-)