Monday, November 02, 2009

a lil' weekend overview

This past weekend my friend TheBon of CatharticInk & Hubby rolled into town for a little visit. Friday night TheMostImportantGuy and I met with them in San Francisco to see this dude.

Great fun.
It was a bit epic getting to and from the show, however. Up until this morning, one of the primary bridges in and out of San Francisco had been closed due to damage (6-7 days of commuter hell, basically).

The next morning, we regrouped at my house for a day of lounging and visiting and lots of noshing. I don't know how I managed to not get one single picture of us folk (actually, I do know how....I've been sick since the middle of last week, and I was tired from the show and busy cooking)...but I mean, I even had the camera out for crying out loud! Look! I managed to snap a pic of the bread TheBon+Hubby had brought back for us from their visit to Boudin Bakery.

Somewhere around dusk MyFavoriteKid readied himself to go over to his buddy's and partake in a little trick-o-treatin':

Kinda creeps me out, really. Not sure if it shows up well here, but the red-eye reduction didn't work, so it's even freakier.

Sunday was breakfast before TheBon+Hubby headed back home, and then I was off to Part 2 of a weaving class that I took at A Verb For Keeping Warm.

We had warped the looms to produce a fabric long enough to be a scarf, but because I was so sick during the week, I failed to complete my homework for second class where we learned how to finish it all off. So instead of a scarf, I have a swatch. Or maybe I'll cut it in half and add some bias tape to make a couple of coasters LOL. I enjoyed the weaving, but I don't own a loom. Yet.

After the class, TheMIG and I headed back over to the city again (still the long route, due to the bridge closure) to see an electronic industrial band we really dig called Skinny Puppy (<--I wouldn't click through on that unless you are a bit of a freak, like me). Just look at the creepy dark photo I took instead.

Super great show. Except at one point I ventured out of my wheelchair and onto my crutches to get a closer look, and immediately proceeded to slip in a puddle of spilled cocktails, giving myself a nice black-purple-green kneecap. Yay, me. I sat back in the gimp section with an ice pack staring at this guy's head for the rest of the night.

Kinda Dr.Seuss-ish, don't you think?

K, so...that was my weekend. Friends, fun, food, tissues and cough drops, more fun, traffic inconveniences, fiber, injuries....nice and well rounded, no?

Now, how was your weekend?


The Bon said...

I didn't take many photos after Friday afternoon either. I meant to, but didn't. D rarely carries his camera, so it doesn't surprise me that he didn't take any either. I did take a massive amount on my adventures with him though, on Friday.

Carrie K said...

Very Dr. Seuss-ish and kind of an obnoxious hairdo for a concert.

Creepy Halloween costume! I was so sad the year my niece went from wanting to be a fairy princess to wanting to dress up as a zombie.

You got that flu too? It's awful! I was sicker than a dog the Tues after the retreat.

TheAmpuT said...

The Bon ~ soooo maybe it didn't actually ever happen??!!

Carrie K ~ Nope, not the flu. Just a head cold. The piles and piles of tissues kind with lots of cough drops.