Sunday, November 15, 2009

niiiiiiiice weekend :-)


So Friday night My FavoirteKid had a school dance; meanwhile, I went to play Bunko at the clubhouse (the TheMIG joined us mid-round after his evening commute). Once the game was over and I had picked MyFK up from the dance, TheEx showed up to pick up MyFK for their weekend together. This was an unusual arrangement. See, normally when MyFK goes to his dad's for the weekend, the swap happens at 930am or so on the Saturday. TheEx has band practice on Friday nights, and (up until now) it just seemed too late at night to make the switch. So MyFK is with his dad every other week from Satuday mornings until Sunday just after dinner. Not quite a full weekend.

As MyFK gets older though, he's staying up on Friday nights late anyhow! He's allowed to watch a moive or play games or have a friend over. So even though 1030pm seems kind of late to make the switch, we tried it....and I think it worked.

I'm going to push for it to beceome a more reguar thing. The issue is that I realllllly would like to go to a zen center on Saturday mornings, but for some reason zen things usually start quite early. Early, as in, I would need to get up and be on the road by 6am or so. Now, MyFK is getting old enough where I can leave him alone at home for a couple of hours at home, but I am not at all ready to leave him alone in the house while he is still sleeping (I would never forgive myself if something bad happened here while he was alone and sleeping), and I'm also not going to wake him up at 5:30 on a friggin' Saturday.

So this whole Ex taking the kiddo on Friday nights at 1030-ish....well, it's late. True. But it gave me a more full weekend, and more importantly, it gets me a shot twice a month at getting to the zen center. Finally.

Ok, so the rest of the weekend!!

Yah, well, so Saturday....TheMIG and I went to the zen center and then out to breakfast with the group. We took the dog to the park for awhile and I read and knit. TheMIG went clothes shopping with me so I could find a dress to wear to his company holiday party (that was kinda sad--it took me 2 hours and maybe 20+ dresses to find something just so-so), and then we went to see the Michael Jackson movie.

Somewhere during the course of the day, there were several events that sadly let up to my having a relatively good sized post-traumatic stress anxiety attack. I dont want to get into all the details, but if you've been reading along let me just say that at the zendo I had a interview with the monk and ended up needing to retell some of the details of the accident in order to answer his question, then that night when we were driving to the mall I almost hit a deer (deer=big mojo sign in my life story), and then on the way home we passed by the scene of a fatal car accident. It was not at all good for my head.
I'm doing much better today, thankfully.

Ok so today we slept in a bit, TheMIG let me go hook up with a new knitting group up in Napa that has just formed on Sundays. The we went to our very favorite restaurant for lunch....

...which included several courses of decadance, plus dessert....

...mmmmm....for me, fancy hot chocolate "shot" and cardamom donut holes.

We came home and cuddled and took a couple hour nap (ahhhh the luxury).

Then we went out to dinner at this family owned/local institution/hole in the wall-ish sort of mexican joint in Berkeley that we love to go to when we can. We used to eat there LOTS when we first started going out, so it was the perfect warm fuzzy way to end our weekend together.

TheMIG headed home, and I headed out to see one of my dancer colleagues perform in a collaborative I got to see a few other friends there (ie I de-hermitized for a change) and also got witness some wonderful art/movement work.

Really. Nice. Weekend. :-)

Tomorrow: part 2 of the retreat. xo!


The Bon said...

Huzzah for good weekends! We had a pretty relaxed one around here too, which was nice after Friday's tumult.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

TheBon ~ yay for good weekends :-)